AIRFLO Battery Charger 12

AIRFLO Battery Charger 12


Power Up Your Mobility Aid with the Airflo 12 Charger, the ideal solution for keeping your mobility devices fully charged and ready to go. Expertly selected by Move Mobility, this charger is designed for efficiency and reliability, ensuring your equipment is powered up when you need it most. Experience seamless charging with a product trusted by mobility specialists.

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Model number: HX1506SR (same as mentioned in Airflo 12 compressor specifications)
Input: AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.5A Max (accepts a wide range of AC voltage and frequency, suitable for most countries)
Output: DC 15V, 0.35A (provides the necessary voltage and amperage to charge the Airflo 12 battery)
Class II Double insulated equipment: ensures user safety by providing an extra layer of insulation between the live parts and the user.
LED indicator: May be present on some models to indicate charging status (check user manual or retailer information for confirmation).