HANDY Pillowlift

HANDY Pillowlift

SKU: MC-HP0033

Experience the independence of effortless sitting up with the Handy Pillowlift. Designed for those who require an extra hand, this mechanical aid arrives fully assembled, ensuring immediate relief without the hassle of installation. Move Mobility, as your trusted advisor in personal mobility solutions, guarantees that the Handy Pillowlift is crafted for durability, with easily replaceable parts and slats provided by Mangar Health. For continuous comfort, additional quilts and covers are available, perfect for use while laundering your primary set. Trust in our expertise to enhance your daily living with this simple, yet transformative, mobility aid.

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Maximum User Weight 21 stone
Weight of Pillowlift 2kg
Inflated Width 61cm
Deflated Width 71cm
Deflated Length 80cm
Angle of Backrest 55°