MOBILITY CARE Bathing Cushion Suction Cup Set

MOBILITY CARE Bathing Cushion Suction Cup Set

SKU: MC-HB0075

Ensure your bathing experience remains safe and serene with the Mangar Bathing Cushion Suction Cup Set. Expertly designed to secure your Mangar Bathing Cushion firmly in place, these premium suction cups prevent unwanted movement, offering peace of mind during your soak. This essential set includes four robust 4.5-inch diameter cups, reflecting Move Mobility's commitment to your comfort and stability in the bathroom. Trust in our expertise to enhance your bathing routine with this indispensable accessory.

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Cushion material: Depending on the material (foam, gel, etc.), the weight could range from 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) to 2 kg (4.4 lbs).
Suction cups: Adding a few suction cups wouldn't significantly impact the overall weight.