NOVIS One Touch Milk Frother

NOVIS One Touch Milk Frother


Introducing our Automatic Milk Frother, designed with your convenience in mind. Ideal for those with weak hands or limited mobility, this one-touch operation device effortlessly creates perfectly frothed milk for your favorite hot or cold beverages. With its comfortable grip and ergonomic handle, it ensures a comfortable and secure hold. The detachable design allows for easy cleaning, and you can even rinse it under running water for a hassle-free experience. Trust Move Mobility for expertly crafted aids that enhance your everyday life.
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Australian Standards: N/A

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Material: Commonly made from stainless steel or plastic. A stainless steel frother would likely weigh more than a plastic one.
Size: Considering its function, the overall size and weight wouldn't be significant.
Therefore, the estimated weight of the NOVIS One Touch Milk Frother could be between 0.25 kg to 0.5 kg (0.55 lbs to 1.1 lbs)