Alternating Pressure Mattresses

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Your search for unparalleled movement comfort ends at Move Mobility, Australia’s trusted online hub for premium mobility equipment. Recognized by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we champion the cause of enhancing your quality of life through our carefully curated range of mobility solutions.

When it boils down to securing a restful night's sleep, our alternating pressure mattresses stand out as a beacon of relief and comfort. Tailored for individuals seeking pressure sore alleviation or patients with enhanced air circulation, our collection is diverse, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.

Why Choose Alternating Pressure Mattresses?

Our alternating pressure mattresses have been selected to bestow optimum support alongside significant pressure relief. Boasting adjustable firmness levels and customizable pressure settings, these pressure mattresses are your ally against restless nights. Embrace the tranquillity that comes with a good night's sleep and wake up rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

Alternating pressure mattresses are for very high risk patients that spend long periods of their day in bed, or are almost completely bedridden, and as a result can sustain pressure injuries or pressure sores. These beds provide pressure relief for pain management, they maintain skin integrity, prevent tissue damage and assist in treating pressure injuries. They are essential in pressure injury prevention, and their alternating air pressure mattress and technology can relieve and redistribute pressure around the patient's body.

Extend Your Range of Choices

Move Mobility offers a broad spectrum of options. Besides our stellar alternating pressure mattresses, delve into our range of pressure redistribution therapy mattresses designed to harmonise body weight distribution, reducing the high risk of pressure ulcers and bolstering better circulation. The innovative design coupled with top-notch materials makes these mattresses able to minimise patient discomfort and patient handling.

For individuals needing enhanced airflow and moisture management, our low air loss systems are the ticket to a comfortable sleep environment. Engage with air mattresses, endowed with specialised air cells, continuously adapting to your body's movements, guaranteeing optimal pressure relief while thwarting the risk of heat and moisture build-up.

Shopping with Move Mobility & Australia-Wide Delivery:.

Our commitment to patient care and facilitating a life of comfort and independence for all patients extends through our Australia-wide delivery of mobility equipment. No matter where you reside within Australia, Move Mobility is your reliable companion in procuring the mobility aids you need to better your daily living.

Step into a world of trusted quality and exceptional customer service when you shop with Move Mobility. Our DVA and NDIS approval is a testament to all the layers of premium quality and reliability embedded in each product we offer. With us, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a promise of enduring quality and a life of enhanced comfort.

If you feel like you need extra exploration before shopping, we'd love to welcome you to one of our showrooms in South East Queensland. Our Logan Showroom is located on the outskirts of Brisbane and our Robina Showroom is centrally located on the Gold Coast.

Pressure Relief and Comfortable Nights

Venture through our extensive collection of alternating pressure mattresses and bedroom mobility products to find your perfect sleep companion. Your comfort and well-being are the driving forces behind our mission, and we’re here to support you at every juncture.

With Move Mobility mattress, your quest for a serene and restful night's sleep is a reality. Explore our range of alternating pressure mattresses and set sail towards nights filled with peaceful slumber and days brimming with vitality.

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