Mobility Kitchen Aids

Move Mobility’s Kitchen and Dining Aids: Where Functionality and Independence Merge. Explore our range of high-quality products, uniquely designed to elevate every meal preparation.

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A part of Move Mobility, revered for its affiliations with esteemed institutions like DVA and NDIS, our kitchen aids aren’t just handy tools – they are gateways to freedom. Understanding the challenges faced by those with limited mobility, we’ve created a collection that turns daily kitchen chores into moments of joy. Dive into a world where the act of cooking and dining becomes a celebration of self-reliance.

Master Your Culinary Skills with Move Mobility’s Kitchen Aids

Navigating the kitchen, preparing food, and cooking food can sometimes be challenging for individuals with mobility concerns. Move Mobility understands this. Hence, we’ve curated a range of adaptive kitchen tools to ensure a seamless culinary journey. Our kitchen aids are not just modified versions; they are revolutionary products tailored for comfort, safety, and functionality.

  • Jar Openers & Bottle Openers: Struggling with jars and bottles? Experience the ease with our specialized jar openers and one-touch bottle openers. Forget about sharp edges; open jars and bottles swiftly and safely.
  • Bendable Cutlery & Utensils: The act of eating and dining gets a touch of convenience with our bendable cutlery. Every meal feels more enjoyable, more independent.
  • Kettle Tippers: Pouring hot drinks gets a safety upgrade with kettle tippers. Weighted for balance, they ensure hot liquids are handled safely.
  • Perching Stool: Long hours in the kitchen can be tiring. With our perching stool, enjoy the perfect height and comfort while doing your daily tasks.

Beyond these, our extensive range covers everything from kitchen knives with good grips for ease of use to tools designed to assist in food preparation, ensuring each meal is prepared with love and independence.

Discover the Move Mobility Difference

Move Mobility isn’t just about equipment; it’s about redefining experiences. As a leading provider of mobility aids in Australia and a proud DVA and NDIS approved provider, we bring to you a range of equipment that promises quality, durability, and unparalleled functionality.

Our expansive collection spans more than just kitchen aids. Dive into our plethora of offerings, from mobility scooters, walking aids, bedroom aids, rehabilitation tools, therapy aids, patient care products, lifting chairs, pressure care solutions, and wheelchairs to ramps and bathroom aids. Each product, curated with care, ensures our customers always get the pinnacle of what the first assistance industry offers.

The Move Mobility Shopping Experience

Whether you’re keen on browsing online from the comfort of your home or eager to touch and feel products in our showrooms, Move Mobility ensures a seamless shopping journey. Located in Logan and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland, our showrooms offer a tactile exploration of our vast range. Add to that our promise of Australia-wide delivery, and you’re guaranteed to receive your selected kitchen aids, from Melbourne to Perth, and every region in between.

At Move Mobility, every product is a step towards increased independence. From food preparation to cooking to dining, our kitchen and dining aids ensure every moment is cherished, every meal a celebration of autonomy. Shop today, and let every day in the kitchen be a testament to self-reliance and joy.

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