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Patient Lifters for Sale at Move Mobility: Transfer Patients with Limited Mobility.

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In the realm of enhanced mobility, patient lifters play a quintessential role. Welcome to Move Mobility, your online sanctum of all patient lifts and transfer equipment accredited by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our curated collection of patient lifts and lifters embodies safety, functionality, and comfort, addressing the essential needs of both healthcare providers and home caregivers.

Our diverse range of patient lifters facilitates easy transfer of patients safely, melding quality with ergonomic design. Whether manoeuvring patients safely within healthcare settings like hospitals and aged care facilities or ensuring smooth transitions at home, our patient lifters are engineered to minimise effort and risk, making the mobility journey less daunting.

Types of Patient Lifters At Move Mobility

Hydraulic Patient Lifters

The allure of simplicity coupled with reliability makes hydraulic floor patient lifters a sought-after choice. Utilising hydraulic power, these floor lifters ensure a smooth lift and descent, offering a controlled transfer experience. Adjustable features and robust construction amplify comfort and safety for both patients and caregivers, making them a reliable choice in aged care and other healthcare domains. These are also suitable for heavy patients.

Electric Patient Lifters

For those advocating for an effortless lifting room experience, electric patient lifters beckon. Powered by electricity, these lifters banish the necessity of manual exertion. Their user-friendly controls foster a hassle-free transfer process, reflecting an amalgam of convenience and modernity.

Many patient lifters have a remote control, with an emergency stop button for safety.

Portable Patient Lifters

When access and portability dictates priority, our portable patient lifters stand out. Their compact design eases transportation and storage, embodying flexibility whether transferring patients within the domicile or on the go.

Our patient lifters range isn’t confined to merely these two hoist types. Engage with the spectrum of manual bed lifts, ceiling hoists, and lifting hoists, each catering to unique needs and spatial configurations. Our ceiling hoists are designed to minimise physical strain on the caregiver while ensuring the patient's comfort and safety.

Complementary Mobility Products

Beyond patient lifters, delve into a variety of complementary products such as devices such as slings, harnesses, and accessories that enhance the functionality and longevity of one spot your patient lifters. From an array of slings to facilitate different lifting positions to accessories that augment the utility of your lifter, we have every niche covered. We also have a wide range of other transfer equipment, including transfer benches, shower buddies, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walkers.

Safety and Reliability

Safety isn’t a luxury but a mandate in patient transport and lifting solutions. Our products are imbued with safety features like emergency stop buttons, ensuring a secure environment for patient transfers. Moreover, the adherence to safe working load guidelines ensures that the lifting hoist or patient transport hoist in use can bear the weight of the patient securely.

Aged Care Solutions

In aged care facilities and hospitals, the requisites for suitable patient transfer equipment escalate. Our patient lifters, aligned with active mobility systems, address the nuanced needs of aged care, facilitating seamless transitions and reducing the injury risk associated with manual handling.

Customised Assistance

With Move Mobility, you're never alone in your quest for the ideal wheelchair or patient lifter. Our seasoned team is ever ready to assist, ensuring you make an informed decision that dovetails with your requirements. We are here to talk to you about any of your condition concerns, or any other types of mobility equipment that you might need.

Shopping Online or Instore at Move Mobility

Unleash the potential of effortless transfers with Move Mobility’s patient lifters. Navigate through our website, explore the myriad patient lifters, and other patient transfer equipment on offer. The narrative of enhanced mobility is but a click away. Our extensive patient lifter range, competitive pricing, and unwavering customer support are the cornerstone of a trusted relationship aimed at augmenting your mobility narrative. We offer Australia-wide shipping for all our valued customers and caregivers.

Get a Free Quote

Intrigued by the prospect of easing the patient transfer process? Reach out to us for a free quote. Explore the plethora of patient body weight lifters for sale, and find that perfect amalgam of cost, quality, and functionality tailored to your needs.

Visit our Showrooms

For a more tactile experience, we extend an invitation to our showrooms located strategically for your convenience close to major metro locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Engage with our experts, experience the functionality of our patient lifters first-hand, and take a stride towards a realm of improved mobility and safety.

With Move Mobility, transition from lifting a bed from one spot to another becomes less about the challenge and more about the solution. Embrace a world where quality patient lifters are not just a product, but a promise of enhanced mobility and quality of life.

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