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Revolutionize your care at home with Move Mobility’s advanced range of home care beds, tailored for comfort, support, and easy recovery.

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Move Mobility, a trusted DVA and NDIS approved provider, presents a range of home care beds that combine comfort with the necessary medical functionality for those recovering at home or living with long-term health conditions.

Understanding Home Care Beds

Home care beds are specialized beds designed for individuals who require extra care due to health conditions or mobility issues. Unlike standard beds, these offer adjustable features for both comfort and function and medical needs, ensuring users can sleep, rest, and recover with ease in their home environment.

What is a Home Care Bed?

A home care bed, often akin to hospital beds used in medical settings and hospitals, is engineered to provide extra care and support to the user. With features like adjustable bed heights, head and foot elevations, and knee breaks, they ensure optimum comfort whilst improving recovery. These beds often include a self-help pole for users to adjust their position independently.

Common Types of Homecare Beds

The variety of homecare hospital beds includes:

  • Adjustable Home Care Beds: These allow users to change sleeping positions with minimal effort, often aiding in breathing, digestion, and reducing bedsores.
  • Hi-Lo Beds: Equipped with a vertical adjustment feature to aid in care and minimize risk when getting in and out of bed.
  • King Single Beds: Offer more space for comfort, making them suitable for users who require additional room.

Seamless Integration with Home Environment

Our range of care beds is designed to blend the hospital side seamlessly into your home environment without the clinical look of hospital beds. With various styles and finishes, these beds complement your home decor while providing the required medical support.

Adjustability for Enhanced Comfort

Our adjustable home care beds come with features like electronic controls for easy adjustments, ensuring the user can find the bed in the perfect position for rest and relaxation. The knee break function is particularly beneficial for those who need to elevate their legs for medical reasons.

Choosing the Right Homecare Bed

Selecting the right homecare bed involves considering the specific needs of the user. Our range covers everything from basic adjustability to sophisticated models with extensive features. Use our size filter options, including king single and other dimensions, to find the perfect homecare bed for your space.

Shopping for Home Care Beds with Move Mobility

Move Mobility offers the convenience of shopping for home care beds both online and in-person at our showrooms. Our showrooms are conveniently located in Shailer Park, near the Logan Hyperdome on the outskirts of Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast near Robina Town Centre;. Whether you're looking for an adjustable hospital bed, for post-surgery recovery or a long-term solution for an aged care facility, we provide a variety of options to suit your needs.

Our experts are on hand to help you choose and purchase the best bed for your specific circumstances, and with our Australia-wide delivery, your selection can be brought straight to your door, no matter where you are in the country.

Discover the ideal home care bed that marries functionality with the comfort of home living. Explore our range of homecare beds today, experience the perfect blend of medical support and home comfort, and ensure your loved ones receive the care they deserve with Move Mobility.

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