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Welcome to Move Mobility, the epitome of online shopping for mobility equipment in Australia. Accredited by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), our mission is to walk hand-in-hand with you on your path towards rediscovered independence and a good night's sleep.

Presenting our comprehensive array of bedroom aids, intricately designed to redefine comfort and safety in your rest space. Be it hospital beds, bed rails, overbed tables, beds, headboards, mattresses, bed poles & sticks, fall safety mats, bedroom commodes, alternating pressure mattresses, or electric beds, your desire for a cosy bedroom finds its match in our collection.

Understanding the distinct needs and choices of each individual, we've embraced a multitude of options to cater to various requirements. Our showrooms and online store has top-tier products from reputable brands, embodying durability and trustworthiness.

Collection of Bedroom Aids

Range of Mattresses & Beds

With the realisation that a perfect bed is synonymous with a peaceful night's sleep, we've arranged a selection of beds, headboards, and mattresses to resonate with your preferences. Our gamut, spanning from adjustable beds to memory foam mattresses, caters to different sleeping postures.

We stock a wide range of electric beds, profiling beds and adjustable beds for people whose condition requires them to sleep while remaining supported.

For those seeking extra patient care during sleep, our hospital beds are of a high quality and the latest technology. With adjustable features and ergonomic outlines, these beds extend personalised comfort, fostering tranquil sleep, and are suitable for the bed-ridden user.

We have a diverse range of pressure relief mattresses, sometimes called pressure care mattresses, that have a pressure relieving surface that offer patients who have to spend long periods in bed relief from bed sores or other injuries.

Other Bedroom Aids

For aiding in effortless sitting up or altering positions in bed, our bed poles & sticks stand ready. These aids lessen body strain when moving in and out of bed. They can also prevent falls in the elderly as they exit the bed.

Transform your bed into a multipurpose hub with our overbed tables. Adjustable to your preferred height and position, these tables pledge a comfortable haven for eating, reading, or working right from your bed.

Safety finds a new synonym with our bed rails, indispensable accessories that instill a sense of security, especially for those grappling with limited mobility, balance issues or other health conditions. The rails act as full length cot sides that are easily locked in place and prevent accidents while the patient moves in their sleep.

We also offer a wide array of fall safety mats. These mats provide a cushioned safeguard against accidental falls, significantly diminishing injury risks.

Our bedroom commodes extend both convenience and dignity for those finding bathroom access challenging. With robust construction and comfortable seating, these commodes propose a pragmatic solution for preserving personal hygiene.

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