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Welcome to Move Mobility, a name synonymous with unparalleled quality in mobility solutions in Australia. As an accredited DVA and NDIS provider, we are steadfast in aiding you to regain your autonomy, enriching your life quality.

Mobility cushions are suitable for wheelchair users and active clients, and they work to prevent skin breakdown, and safely protect users from pressure and pain while sleeping, sitting or moving around. Occupation therapists prescribe mobility cushions for a range of conditions and we maintain a large range of cushions for those varying applications.

Types of Mobility Cushions in Our Collection

At Move Mobility, the quest for the ideal mobility cushion, designed to furnish you with the requisite comfort and support, finds its destination. Whether your need encompasses bed or wheelchair cushions, back support, pressure care cushions, or seating solutions, our expansive range is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our meticulously curated collection of mobility cushions caters to a myriad of needs and preferences. It embodies our belief that every individual merits a cushion that not only offers supreme support but also fosters proper sitting posture whilst mitigating the risk of pressure sores.

Wheelchair cushions are a cornerstone of our range, offering a plethora of options to ensure pinnacle comfort and stability. Crafted from high-calibre materials, our chair cushions epitomise durability and ease of maintenance. Features like pressure redistribution and moisture-wicking properties make our wheelchair cushions a harmonious blend of support and breathability.

For those seeking additional back support, our backrests are engineered to alleviate discomfort and pain and champion correct spinal alignment. Whether it's lumbar support or full back support you require, our array of backrests presents customizable solutions to meet your individual needs.

Postural support is pivotal for those facing mobility challenges, and our selection includes a suite of products diligently designed to tackle postural discrepancies. From posture correctors to positioning belts, we equip you with the tools to uphold proper body alignment and avert muscle strain.

Pressure care cushions are indispensable for those who remain seated for extended periods. Our pressure care seating cushions are conceived to distribute weight evenly, diminishing the risk of pressure ulcers and delivering optimal comfort. With a variety of sizes and materials at your disposal, finding the perfect cushion to meet your unique needs is a straightforward affair.

For individuals necessitating additional support and stability to sit up while reclining, our horizontal positioning aids are very useful. The collection encompasses a range of aids like wedges, rolls, and supports, all geared towards promoting proper alignment and forestalling discomfort.

Your Gateway to Unsurpassed Comfort

At Move Mobility, the dedication to furnishing you with premier mobility cushions, wheelchairs, and equipment is evident. Our exhaustive product range coupled with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction makes us a trusted ally in meeting all your mobility requirements. Venture into our collection today and discern the remarkable difference Move Mobility can usher into your life.

Furthermore, with our well-appointed showrooms located in Logan Central and Robina Town Centre, experiencing our products firsthand or gaining a deeper understanding before a purchase is easy. We extend a warm invitation to explore our online catalogue or visit our showrooms to witness the transformative essence our mobility foam cushions can impart.

Australia-wide shipping for our online patrons further underscores our endeavour to make superior mobility solutions accessible to all. Shop with Move Mobility, your dedicated partner in redefining comfort and mobility. Your expedition towards unbridled comfort is just a click or a visit away. Contact us now, and let’s venture into the realm of enhanced mobility together.

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