Living Aids for the Elderly

Move Mobility – Leading the Way in Independent Living Aids

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Move Mobility is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of independent living solutions. With accolades from institutions like the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we stand tall as a beacon for quality living aids for the elderly. Our extensive daily assisted living products range promises enhanced everyday routines, making daily tasks less challenging and more enjoyable.

The Pillars of Independence: Daily Living Aids

Transitioning to an age where assistance becomes necessary can be a struggle. But with our assortment of daily living aids, we ensure that we assist the elderly regain their independence, making everyday tasks a breeze.

Empowering Daily Life: A Peek into Our Range

  1. Dressing Aids & Gripping Aids: Streamline your dressing process and ensure every bottle opener, zipper, and button is within your grasp.
  2. Reaching Aids: Ensure no chair or shelf is too high or item too far. Boost independence in every reach.
  3. Kitchen Aids: Preparing and eating food becomes a pleasure, not a task. From specialized bottle openers to unique common household items, our kitchen aids have got you covered.
  4. Safety Mats & Fall Alarms: Every bed or step is secure. Fall alarms provide an added layer of safety.
  5. Toilet Aids & Bathroom Equipment: Quality personal care is ensured with the benefits of our range of bathroom aids, including showering and toilet aids.
  6. Mobility Equipment: Catering to users with limited mobility and disabilities, our range includes chairs, special equipment for beds, and more.
  7. Cognitive & Daily Living Products: For those with memory challenges, our aids support and aids for daily living activities, from reminders to cognitive exercises.

Shopping Experience with Move Mobility

Our online platform provides detailed insights into each product. From dressing aids to gripping aids, from mobility equipment for those with disabilities to aids for daily living, our range ensures you find exactly what you need.

For a hands-on experience, visit our showrooms in Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast or Logan near Brisbane. Experience our range of independent living aids first-hand, guided by experts at every step.

Concluding, Move Mobility doesn’t just offer products; we offer solutions. We assist the elderly in navigating the sometimes challenging terrain of daily tasks, giving them the independence and quality of life they deserve. So, whether it's assistance with preparing food or ensuring safety in the bathroom, trust our daily living aids to be your companion in independent living.

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