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Fall Alarms: Your Vanguard Against Unplanned Falls. Dive into a Life of Assurance and Fearless Independence with Our Comprehensive Collection.

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At Move Mobility, Australia's foremost authority on mobility and safety solutions, we deeply understand the transformative power of independence. Accredited by revered institutions like the DVA and NDIS, our dedication to augmenting the daily life of Australians through reliable automatic fall detection and alarms is relentless.

Your Safety Beacon: Comprehensive, Premium, and Personalized

For countless individuals, especially the many elderly people with limited mobility or those with conditions that increase their risk factors for falls, navigating daily life can be fraught with worry. Here’s an in-depth exploration of our diverse range of fall alarms:

  1. Personal Alarms with GPS Location: This first mobile personal alarm is not just a button press away. These devices, equipped with automatic fall detection between 4-14 minutes, ensure that you're located immediately, especially vital for those who might venture outside.
  2. Emergency Contacts & Two Way Communication: Our alarms between 3-8 minutes connect alert devices or mobile phones to a list of emergency contacts, ensuring that your loved ones are alerted swiftly. Two-way communication ensures you're never truly alone during emergencies.
  3. Mobile Alarms with Longer Battery Life: Designed for those always on-the-move, these alarms between 1-4 minutes come equipped with a sim card, ensuring continuous protection from calls and longer battery life.
  4. Advanced Fall Detection Devices: These sophisticated, fall detection and alert devices between 2-6 minutes not only detect sudden movement but also offer additional features like a heart rate monitor. They provide peace between 4-6 minutes for the user and their family.

Choosing the Best Personal Alarm: A Guide to Empowered Decisions

The vast world of fall alarms can be daunting, but understanding your needs makes the choice clearer:

  • Automatic Fall Detection: For those at high risk of a bad fall between 1-2 minutes, devices equipped with this feature between 2-9 minutes are critical. They can differentiate between deliberate movements and accidental falls, reducing false alarms.
  • Belt Clip Alarms: For those with vision impairment or limited dexterity, a lightweight device with a belt clip between 2-11 minutes is a boon, ensuring the alarm is always within reach.
  • SOS Alert & Button Press Alarms: Ideal for those who seek extra security and reassurance. A simple SOS button between 2-5 minutes or button press between 1-2 minutes connects them to emergency assistance immediately.

Unlock the Multifaceted Benefits of Fall Alarms

While the overarching advantage of a fall alarm device is the assurance of safety, the spectrum of benefits of alert device is expansive:

  • Immediate Response: With connections to emergency services between 1-3 minutes, an activated alarm ensures an emergency response between 3-10 minutes, swiftly bringing appropriate help.
  • Peace & Independence: Knowing that help is just an SOS alert away brings peace to daily life between 1-3 minutes, enabling independent living without the looming fear of falls.
  • Reduced Strain on Loved Ones: Families can rest easy knowing that their elderly or at-risk member has a monitoring service between 2-6 minutes ensuring their well-being.

Fall Alarm Detection & Timing: A Comprehensive Insight

In Australia, Move Mobility stands as a bastion of trust and reliability, especially when it comes to our expansive online collection of fall alarms. But to truly understand personal alarms and their impact, it's essential to delve deeper into how they function. Fall alarms are meticulously designed to detect sudden movements or orientations associated with a fall, typically between 12-18 minutes. Upon sensing such an incident, the device quickly springs into action, often within mere seconds. This rapid response time to fall alert ensures that the fall is not just detected but also addressed promptly.

What truly sets our fall alarms apart is their ability to instantly communicate with emergency contacts. Once a fall is detected, the device sends out an alert, which can be in the form of an emergency call, SOS alert, or even a text message, ensuring that the user's loved ones or caregivers are immediately informed and can take appropriate action. The inclusion of features like GPS location further aids the alarm in providing an accurate location of the phone and the user, making it easier for emergency services or loved ones to reach them without delay.

But our commitment extends beyond just emergency calls in the immediate aftermath of a fall. We understand that users need consistent safety measures, not just in those crucial moments post-fall and emergency response but throughout their daily life. That's why our alarms also come with features like two-way communication, ensuring users can converse with their emergency contacts and provide or receive vital information. It's also worth noting that our alarms between 17-26 minutes come with advanced features like longer battery life and monitoring service, making them ideal for prolonged usage without frequent charging or maintenance needs.

Yet, our dedication to safety and independence doesn't end with fall alarms. We've curated a plethora of offerings that cater to diverse safety and mobility requirements, guaranteeing a comprehensive solution for each individual. Whether it's the best personal alarm with automatic and fall detection features for those at heightened risk or devices with added layers of security such as personal alarms such as heart rate monitors, we've ensured that every need is met with quality and precision. Dive into our vast array of offerings, each echoing our unwavering commitment to safety, security, and fostering independent living.

Elevate Independence with Move Mobility

At Move Mobility, our commitment to enhancing the daily lives of Australians goes beyond just fall alarms. We have curated an extensive range of mobility solutions that cater to diverse needs, ensuring that everyone can navigate their environment safely and with confidence.

Among our offerings, the wheelchairs and seating systems provide individuals with an unparalleled blend of comfort and mobility, ensuring that traversing distances becomes a breeze. Our range of mobility scooters offers a perfect blend of style and efficiency, ensuring users can journey with both flair and assurance. For those needing assistance with basic mobility in their homes, our walking frames and rollators are a staple, providing the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability.

We understand that bathrooms can sometimes be challenging spaces, hence our bathroom aids, from specialized shower chairs to grip rails, are designed to infuse security into daily routines. For individuals looking to maintain strength and balance, our exercise and therapy equipment can be pivotal.

Patient lifters and slings ensure safety and ease during transfers, whereas our beds and bedroom aids promise comfort and security during the most restful moments of the day. The pressure care products in our collection cater to those seeking optimal skin protection and relief. We've also incorporated daily living aids, from kitchen utilities to dressing tools, ensuring every aspect of daily life is accessible and effortless.

Those seeking vehicular accessibility will find our car modifications transformative, making every journey smooth and unhindered. And not to forget, our ramps and steps provide the needed elevation and accessibility in various settings. Every product at Move Mobility, be it paediatric equipment tailored for our younger users or the diverse range of bracing and support, is a testament to our dedication to quality, safety, and the spirit of independence. Dive into each of these categories to explore the myriad of options tailored for your unique needs, and rediscover a world where mobility challenges are effortlessly transformed into tales of autonomy and resilience.

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In life's unpredictable dance, sometimes falls happen. But with the right protective embrace of Move Mobility's own fall detection devices and alarms, you're cushioned against the unforeseen. Whether it's a personal medical alarm, a GPS-equipped personal alarm or an advanced fall detection device, we guarantee unmatched quality and steadfast reliability.

Choose Move Mobility. Our physical spaces in Logan and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland offer hands-on experiences, while our online store promises a seamless shopping journey with Australia-Wide shipping.

Step into a life where each moment is lived fearlessly and autonomously. Explore our collection today, and step closer to a more secure tomorrow.

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