Cognitive Aids

Cognitive Aids at Move Mobility: Specifically Designed to Boost Independence & Enrich Life. Discover tools that stimulate, calm, and support in every form.

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Move Mobility, proudly recognised by esteemed institutions like DVA and NDIS, is dedicated to elevating the quality of life for everyone, including those with cognitive impairments. Our commitment is rooted in understanding and empathy.

Empowering Through Cognitive Aids

The diagnosis of conditions such as dementia can be overwhelming for both the individual and their loved ones. Cognitive aids play a pivotal role in providing people with that much-needed support, ensuring that daily tasks are manageable and life remains fulfilling.

  • Sensory Cushions: Our range includes sensory cushions, an effective tool to help manage agitation. The cushion helps calm users, offering pockets and zippers designed to keep hands occupied and the user suitably distracted. The cushion not only stimulates the senses but also brings a sense of calmness, especially beneficial for people suffering from anxiety.
  • Orientation Signs: Ensure a familiar environment with orientation signs, helping users quickly identify rooms and key areas, promoting a sense of independence and reducing potential anxiety.
  • Cognitive Aids Filter: Easily filter through our range, ensuring you find the most suitable cognitive aids tailored for your specific needs.

Supporting Dementia Care with Innovative Features

Dementia, unfortunately, affects many elderly people. At Move Mobility, we provide a diverse range of cognitive aids designed to assist individuals, especially those with various forms of dementia. Products like sensory cushions and orientation signs play a crucial role in ensuring users feel calm and orientated in their surroundings.

Explore a Wide Range with Move Mobility

Venture beyond our selection of cognitive aids and immerse yourself in Move Mobility's extensive offerings. Delve into our assortment of mobility ramps, explore options like electric wheelchairs or folding wheelchairs within our wheelchair category, and find the ultimate in comfort with our motorised lift chairs.

Our bedroom category boasts essentials such as hospital beds, overbed tables, and alternating pressure mattresses. Don't miss our daily living aids, featuring reaching aids, fall alarms, eating and drinking aids, and much more.

Those seeking mobility support will appreciate our walking frames and walking canes. And for added safety, our safety equipment range, including fall safety mats and personal medical devices, ensures peace of mind. Dive into these features and more, ensuring that every aspect of your daily life is catered to with Move Mobility's comprehensive range.

Your Cognitive Aids Shopping Experience

Adding items to your cart and embarking on a seamless shopping experience has never been this rewarding. We offer cognitive aids at competitive prices, ensuring that value meets quality.

Whether you choose to shop online from the comfort of your home or experience our products firsthand at our showrooms, Move Mobility promises a comprehensive shopping journey. With Australia-wide delivery, you can rest assured that your selected cognitive aids will reach you swiftly. Showroom locations in Logan and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland ensure you feel and understand the product before adding it to your life.

Enhance independence, calm anxiety, and promote a better quality of life with Move Mobility's specially curated range of cognitive aids. Invest in the best today, ensuring a brighter and more supported tomorrow.

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