Custom Power Wheelchairs

Unlock unparalleled mobility with Move Mobility’s custom power wheelchairs, engineered for those with unique rehab needs.

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Welcome to Move Mobility, where we specialize in providing custom power wheelchairs for individuals with complex rehabilitation needs across Australia. As an approved wheelchair provider for both the DVA and NDIS, we are committed to delivering mobility solutions that are as unique as our customers.

What is a Custom Power Wheelchair?

A custom power wheelchair is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a gateway to independence for individuals with specific mobility challenges. Unlike standard electric wheelchairs, custom power wheelchairs models are tailored to fit the unique physical and lifestyle needs of the user. 

For individuals who require them, a powered wheelchair can be life-changing. At Move Mobility, we offer a range of premium powered wheelchairs, each meticulously designed to meet your unique requirements, style, and budget.

Powered wheelchairs serve as the ideal solution for those needing assistance with mobility across various terrains, seeking independence in managing posture and pressure needs, and requiring access to environmental controls.

Fitted with high-quality powered drive motors, our powered wheelchairs effortlessly conquer even the steepest inclines. With long-range batteries and user-friendly control systems, our powered wheelchairs provide the perfect means to reclaim your independence.

What Types of Powered Wheelchairs Do We Offer?

Powered wheelchairs are available in three primary types—front, mid, and rear-wheel drive—each offering distinct advantages. At Move Mobility, our customisations are based on one of our base models, so understanding the model that best suits your needs is crucial to ensuring the final product serves you well.

Expanding Mobility Solutions

Beyond custom power wheelchairs, Move Mobility offers a wide array of equipment to support various mobility needs. From manual wheelchairs and walking aids to cushions and scooters, our range is designed to enhance independence across all facets of daily life. We also specialize in other complex rehab equipment, including custom seating solutions and electric wheelchairs, ensuring that each product solution we create is as unique as the individual it supports.

Shop with Confidence at Move Mobility

Choosing the right mobility solution is a significant decision, and at Move Mobility, we’re here to make that process as seamless as possible. You can shop our comprehensive range online or visit us in-store at our locations in Logan and Robina. Our experienced team is on hand to provide expert advice, ensuring you find the perfect equipment to meet your needs. With Australia-wide delivery, accessing the right mobility aid has never been easier.

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