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Uncover Your Perfect Mobility Sling with Move Mobility’s Extensive Range.

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At Move Mobility, the paramount goal is to bridge the gap between limitations and boundless mobility. Our stellar range of mobility slings is meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of every individual patient, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort, support, and safety during patient lifting and transfers.

Types of Mobility Sling

General Purpose Slings: Our general purpose slings are your go-to choice for daily transfer needs. The fabric or mesh composition coupled with essential padding ensures a snug yet comfortable fit. This range is perfect for lifting patients to and from wheelchairs, beds, or other seated areas.

Pivot Slings: For those needing a bit more flexibility during transfers, our pivot slings are a perfect choice. They're designed to support the body and head during the lift, providing stability while allowing for a slight rotation during positioning.

Walking Slings: Gait training or ambulation becomes less daunting with our walking slings. Their design ensures your body is supported while you make those critical steps towards enhanced mobility.

Toilet Transfer Slings: Simplifying toilet transfers with dignity, these two mesh slings offer the requisite support and ease during what could be a challenging task.

Head Support Slings: With added head support, these sling slings provide the necessary reassurance for individuals requiring extra stability and security during transfers.

Customisation for Comfort

The ability for patients to choose from an array of fabrics, be it soft fabric or mesh, enables a breathable and comfortable experience. Our mobility slings offer varying levels of head, body, and thigh support, ensuring that each patient receives the personalised care and support they deserve. Each sling is crafted to decrease the quantity of effort required by health care providers while amplifying the comfort and safety of patients.

Enhancing Your Patient Lifting & Transfer Experience

At Move Mobility, we’ve intertwined functionality with ease of use. Our patient lifters, coupled with our high-quality slings, herald a new era of hassle-free patient lifting. Whether you're looking for a sling for general purpose use or something more specialised, our extensive range assures a suitable match for your precise needs.

Ready to Uplift Your Mobility?

We invite you to delve into our assortment of mobility slings. With a range comprising varying levels of support, fabric types, and functionalities, your quest for the perfect mobility sling is destined to culminate here at Move Mobility. Don’t just take our word for it; browse through our collection patient slings, analyse the features, and envision the boundless mobility awaiting you. We offer Australia wide shipping for our online store.

If you need a little extra consultation before purchasing, or want to experience our other mobility products, then we welcome a visit to one of our two showrooms in Logan Central, on the outskirts of Brisbane, or Robina Town Centre, on the outskirts of the Gold Coast. Our friendly team will be ready to assist you there, or you are welcome to call anytime.

Your empowerment is a click or a visit away. With Move Mobility sling, every day is a stride towards unhindered mobility and a life full of potential. Explore our mobility sling collection now and step into a world where every movement is a testament to your indomitable spirit.

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