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Unlock Safe and Easy Transitions with Move Mobility's Patient Transfer Equipment.

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Welcome to Move Mobility, the epitome of trust and quality when it comes to mobility equipment in Australia. Accredited by both the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we are steadfast in our mission to safely restore your independence and enrich your quality of life.

Navigating the world of patient transfer equipment can be overwhelming, but at Move Mobility, we simplify this journey for you. Whether your needs encapsulate patient lifters, horizontal transfer aids, bed slings, bed hoists, or seated positioning transfer aids, our extensive portfolio ensures you find precisely what you seek.

Types of Patient Transfer Aids

Patient Lifters: Our patient lifters epitomise safety and ease for caregivers tasked with transferring individuals. Ingeniously designed, these lifters meld advanced features with ergonomic finesse, ensuring every lift and transition is smooth, comfortable, and devoid of injury risk for both patients and caregivers.

Horizontal Transfer Aids: Sometimes called transfer boards, these are tailored for individuals requiring assistance with lateral transfers, our horizontal transfer board aids bestow stability and support, facilitating a seamless transition from one surface or location to another.

Slings: A spectrum of slings awaits you at Move Mobility, each crafted to offer optimal support and comfort during transfers. Whether it's a full-body sling or a toileting sling, we have an assortment meticulously curated to meet diverse needs.

Hoists: Stand the test of time and efficiency with our robustly constructed hoists, chairs and devices. Their user-centric features are crafted to ensure safe and efficient patient transfers, cultivating a milieu of trust and peace.

Seated Positioning - Transfer Aids: Explore our seated positioning transfer aids for individuals necessitating aid with seated transfers. These gems offer stability and support, allowing safe transitions from one seated person or position or sit to another.

How do Transfer Aids Work?

Transfer aids are used to assist patients with disabilities or injury move between the bedroom, front room, bathroom and other places in the home or hospital to undertake their daily health and wellness routines. Caregivers can apply a transfer belt to the patient's waist, and move them in a variety of positions from one location to the other.

This process is called patient handling, or manual handling. The types of transfer aids are designed based on how the patient needs to be transferred - either seated, in a standing position or lying down. They can handle a wide spectrum of body weight without strain on the carers or the patient.

Need other transport equipment?

Regardless of your condition, we want you on the move! Don't miss our collections of mobility scooters, knee scooters, crutches, ramps, walkers, shower buddies and transfer benches!

Shopping for Patient Transfer Equipment At Move Mobility

At Move Mobility, our allegiance to superior quality and safety is unmatched. Our expert team is always standing on standby to guide you in selecting the perfect patient transfer equipment aligned with your unique requirements.

Immerse in a hassle-free online shopping spree at Move Mobility, coupled with swift and reliable Australia-wide delivery. Regain your mobility and independence with our premier patient transfer equipment. Your journey towards a more mobile and fulfilling existence is but a click away. Browse our collection today and stride confidently into a world of enhanced mobility and comfort.

Additionally, if you are seeking a hands-on experience before making a purchase, we invite you to visit our showrooms located at Logan and Robina Town Centre. Centrally positioned near both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we are ever ready to meet and guide you through our vast array of patient transfer equipment and accessories. Our friendly experts at these showrooms are keen to provide personalised assistance, ensuring you make an informed decision that will positively impact your daily living.

With Move Mobility, your quest for secure, seamless, and effortless patient transfers is a reality. Explore our diverse range of solutions and invest in a life of enhanced mobility and boundless possibilities.

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