Transfer Aids for the Elderly

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Welcome to Move Mobility, the beacon of trust and quality when it comes to acquiring transfer aids for the elderly in Australia. With our vast selection of transfer equipment, be assured you're entering a realm of unparalleled quality and functionality designed to cater to users with a variety of mobility needs. Verified by health care providers and accreditations from DVA and NDIS, ensures our offerings seamlessly integrate into Australia's demanding healthcare environments or into your home.

Types of Transfer Aids

Slide Sheets: Our portable slide sheets are a quintessential tool for effortless patient transfer, significantly minimising the friction and making the transferring process smooth and comfortable for both the patient and the carer.

Seated Positioning Transfer Aids: This is a collection of transfer aids designed to help carers transfer a patient while seated.

Transfer Boards: The boards act as a sturdy bridge for patients, assisting them in moving from one position, like a wheelchair chair, to a car seat or bed, with ease. It's a boon for those with limited mobility, ensuring that the transition is safe and secure.

Swivel Cushions: Swivel cushions are ideal for assisting in smooth transitions from a sitting to standing position or vice versa. They are invaluable aids for those who find it challenging to stand or pivot their body.

Walk Belts: Our range of walk belts are designed to securely assist patients during transfers, falls or walks, providing a firm grip and ensuring the safety and dignity of the user.

Transfer Belts and Poles: These aids are crucial for secure patient transfer, providing the essential support needed for standing or moving a person from one location to another.

Tailored for Unfettered Safety and Comfort

Each transfer aid in our collection comes embellished with essential safety features ensuring risk-free operations. The ergonomic design of our patient transfer aids focuses on reducing the possibility of injury for both the user and the carer, while the quality of materials used promises durability and reliability.

The exploration for reliable transfer aids ends at Move Mobility. Our array of aids are not merely devices; they are a promise of an effortless, dignified, and safer patient handling, and aim at ensuring an elevated quality of life for the elderly with limited mobility.

Dive into our selection of hospital transfer equipment and home transfer equipment and explore the diverse functionalities each aid provides. From the varied range, safety elements, to the ease of use, every feature is meticulously designed to assist in easy patient transport while minimising strain on the carers.

Your Bridge to Enhanced Mobility: Move Mobility

At Move Mobility, we are more than just a store; we are a bridge to an improved quality of life. Every transfer aid for the elderly featured on our platform is an example of a step towards liberating individuals from the constraints of mobility challenges.

With our well-organised online store and showrooms at Logan Central and Robina Town Centre, getting a comprehensive understanding of our products before making a purchase is a breeze. We warmly invite you to peruse our online catalogue, or better yet, visit our showrooms to feel first-hand the transformative impact our transfer aids can impart.

We offer Australia wide shipping for our online customers. Furthermore, we are always at your service to provide a free quote, advise on the best transfer solutions to meet your needs, and ensure that every investment is a stride towards achieving unmatched mobility.

Invest in a transfer aid from Move Mobility, and embrace the freedom and independence that accompanies high-quality mobility assistance equipment. Your voyage towards boundless mobility is just a click or a visit away. Contact us now, and let’s navigate the path of enhanced mobility together.

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