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As a dedicated mobility solutions provider with esteemed accreditation from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Move Mobility is proud to present a robust collection of reaching aids tailored to those with limited mobility or those who encounter trouble reaching objects in daily life. We understand that regardless of age or circumstance, every individual deserves access to the equipment that empowers independence and amplifies convenience.

The Evolution of the Reaching Aid: More than Just a Tool

Reaching aids, often a life-altering tool for the elderly or those with mobility issues, are designed to eliminate the need to bend or stretch excessively. Move Mobility’s extensive range of grabbers, available in different lengths, ensures you find a tool tailored for your unique needs. A popular choice among the elderly and our patrons is the moving jaw operated grabber. This highly functional tool, boasting a comfortable handle, ensures smooth motion when grabbing objects. Trigger it, and watch it effortlessly capture even the most elusive items.

Another highly sought-after tool in our collection is the reaching aid with a moving jaw, offering precision in motion and a strong grip on items. From elevator buttons to items on the floor, the utility of our reaching aids knows no bounds. The diversity in lengths assures that whether it's a book on a high shelf or a pen under the table, nothing remains out of your grasp.

Beyond Reaching: A Glimpse into Move Mobility's Vast Collection

Our commitment at Move Mobility is holistic, ensuring that every facet of your mobility and independence is addressed. Extend your journey with us by exploring aids for visual impairment, harnessing a renewed vision, unique footwear solutions that marry comfort with style, seating solutions prioritizing your posture, mobility aids propelling your journeys, ramps enabling seamless transitions, bathing aids turning routines into luxuries, bariatric equipment crafted for personalized care, and a myriad of other innovative tools and solutions. Our holistic approach to mobility issues ensures we're your one-stop-shop for mobility enhancement.

Stepping into a World of Ease with Move Mobility

Choose the path of self-reliance by either browsing our expansive online range of reaching aids or personally experiencing their efficiency in our showrooms located in Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, and in Logan on the outskirts of Brisbane. Whichever mode of use you pick, you're guaranteed expert guidance and insights. Finalized your selection? Sit back and relax, for our prompt Australia-wide delivery ensures your reaching aids and other equipment are with you in no time.

With Move Mobility, embrace a life where distances are merely a notion, and every item is within your grasp.

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