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Introducing Move Mobility, the go-to online hub for all your mobility equipment requirements in Australia. As a renowned supplier of cutting-edge mobility and assistive gear, we take immense pride in our endorsement and recognition from both the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Your trusted destination for unparalleled support and top-notch products.

At Move Mobility, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and ensuring your safety in your existing bathroom. That's why our Shower Buddy collection offers a wide range of options to suit your shower unit.

What is a Shower Buddy?

A Shower Buddy is a versatile bathroom mobility solution that provides assistance to individuals with mobility challenges during bathing and showering. It is designed to work with various types of showers, bathtubs, and roll-in showers without requiring any bathroom remodelling. It is fitted with fold up safety belts, chest belts, stainless steel parts and caster wheels as standard. The wheels rotate 360 degrees inside the shower for great manoeuvrability.

A Shower Buddy enables users to access the shower and toilet area without the need for modifications or even a full bathroom remodel. A Shower Buddy transfer system transforms an existing bathroom or your own bathroom into an accessible space, allowing users to enjoy showering again.

There are also Shower Buddy variants that serve as a roll-in shower chair and commode. They feature a tilt function for pressure relief and comfort, and the caregiver or family members can control the tilt from either the left or right hand side.

Our Shower Buddy products provide individuals with increased independence, allowing them to maintain their personal hygiene without major alterations to their bathroom. With adjustable features and lightweight designs, they are practical solutions for those with a range of mobility challenges.

Need something else for your shower?

When it comes to enhancing your bathing experience with a shower transfer system, our collection of Shower Buddy products is second to none. You could also consider a shower chair, transfer bench, shower commode, or grab bars; - we literally have everything you need to give your house an accessible bathroom. Head to our Bathroom and Toilet category and review the other products that can assist you during bath and toilet use.

Our shower chairs provide sturdy support and stability, allowing you to sit comfortably while showering. With adjustable heights and non-slip surfaces, our chairs ensure a secure bathing experience without excessive cost. Get your mobility needs met at Move Mobility.

Shopping at Move Mobility

Shop with confidence at Move Mobility, knowing that you're choosing a DVA and NDIS approved provider. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Check out our Google review score! Browse our Shower Buddy collection today online and take the first step towards a safer and more enjoyable bathing experience. We ship everything on our site across Australia - quickly and cost effectively.

Not sure which product you want or need? Let our team do the heavy lifting and walk you through your options and the brands we stock. Visit our showrooms in Logan and Robina, near Brisbane and the Gold Coast. These convenient locations are your one-stop shop for all your mobility equipment needs in South East Queensland. With our extensive range of products and our dedication to customer satisfaction, we are here to support you on your journey to enhanced mobility and independence.

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