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Step into a world where comfort meets functionality at Move Mobility, your friendly online corner for top-notch mobility equipment in Australia. Endorsed by DVA and NDIS, we’re here to sprinkle a touch of ease on your day-to-day mobility. We have a wide range of bedroom accessories, including bed poles and sticks.

Bed poles, the unsung heroes of a cozy bedtime routine, can comfortably assist you as you get in and out of bed. Our array of bed poles can help you reclaim your independence in the bedroom, be it post an injury, amidst a disability, or just for that extra hand of support. They keep most users stable whilst entering and exiting their bed.

Easeful Selection of Bed Poles, Just a Click Away

We believe there’s a bed pole for everyone. From adjustable bed poles to those with sticks with handy grips, we've got something to cater to your unique needs. Crafted from sturdy materials, they’re here to provide support for the long haul, promising you many days and nights of easy mobility.

Versatile Installation: Our bed poles snugly fit with most bed types, be it a standard bed, electric or adjustable bed or a hospital bed. Installation is a breeze, and adjusting them to your bed size and position is simpler still.

Light, Sturdy and Mobile: Light as a feather but sturdy in design, our bed poles are your reliable companions. They offer stability while you're on the move out of bed and into your day.

More Than Just Poles: Alongside bed poles, we house a treasure of related products like bed rails and mattress transfer aids. Not to mention bedroom commodes, fall safety mats, cushions, headboards and alternating pressure mattresses. We're all about creating a nest of comfort and accessibility around you.

Taking Your Comfort Seriously

At Move Mobility, each product is more than just a sale; it’s a pledge of quality and durability. We handpick every item, ensuring what reaches you is nothing short of the best. After all, investing in mobility equipment is investing in comfort at every phase of your life.

Your Easy Online Shopping Experience

Cruise through our collection from the comfort of your bed at your home, add to cart, and voila, you’re done! With a swift shipping promise across Australia, we ensure your order lands at your doorstep in no time.

Need a little more guidance? No problem - our team is here to answer your burning questions. Reach out to us in person or over the phone, at our showrooms in South East Queensland. We have two helpful locations in Logan and Robina, covering both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Why let mobility hiccups cloud your days and nights? With a friend like Move Mobility, uncover a hassle-free existence, one product at a time. Our bed poles are more than beds or just aids; they are your step towards freedom and ease. Dive into our collection, and who knows, your perfect bed pole buddy might just be a click away!

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