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The Ultimate Tools for Independence in Daily Life. Step into a World where Dressing Becomes Effortless with Our Range.

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Move Mobility, your primary resource in Australia for mobility and dressing solutions, understands the significance of independence. With accredited resources and recognition from institutions like DVA and NDIS, our commitment to aiding those with disabilities or difficulties in dressing is unwavering.

The Pinnacle of Dressing Aids: Comprehensive, Quality, and Tailored for You

Dressing, an everyday task, may present many difficulties for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis, disabilities, or even temporary discomfort post-surgery. Here’s a detailed look into our range of different types of dressing aids:

  1. Button Hooks & Zipper Pulls: A small yet transformative tool, the button hook makes securing buttons on shirts, pants, and blouses trouble-free. Moreover, with a zipper pull, zippers on any clothing become accessible, especially for women and those with arthritis or hand-related disabilities.
  2. Dressing Sticks & Shoe Horns: Putting on clothes, especially jackets or pants, or shoes can sometimes require a bit more reach or angle than what our body allows. Dressing sticks and long-handled sticks or shoe horns maintain the wearer's independence, making the process pain-free.
  3. Sock Aids: Sliding feet into socks or stockings, especially with swelling or after recovering from a surgery, can be a challenge. Our sock aids are designed to protect the skin, ensuring the wearer' foot glides on smoothly without any risk.
  4. Mobility Aids: Beyond dressing, we offer you access to a plethora of mobility aids. These tools ensure every aspect of the user's day-to-day activities, from walking to accessing different parts of their own home, is made more accessible.

Understanding the Many Different Types of Dressing Aids: Which Suits You?

Every individual's needs are unique. Whether it's a woman trying to pull up her stockings, a person with foot discomfort trying to wear shoes, or someone with hand-related disabilities struggling with buttons, there's a solution tailored for you.

For instance:

  • Button Hooks: Ideal for those with arthritis or other hand-related disabilities, the hooks are soft yet durable, providing the necessary assistance without causing skin discomfort.
  • Shoe Horns: Putting on shoes, especially those with tight heels or for those with swollen feet, becomes risk-free with our range of shoe horns, flexible enough to suit various shoe types.
  • Sock Aids: For the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from surgeries, pulling up socks might pose a difficulty. Our sock aids are gentle, ensuring that the socks are pulled up without any risk to the skin.

Dressing with Ease: The Multifaceted Benefits

The primary benefit of dressing aids is, of course, the empowerment of independence. However, the advantages of dress alone stretch far beyond:

  • Protection & Safety: From soft materials that ensure skin protection to devices crafted for user safety, our aids reduce the risk of injury while dressing.
  • Maintaining Personal Style: Having difficulties with dressing shouldn’t limit one's clothing choices. With aids like button hooks or shoe horns, continue to dress in preferred styles without any compromise.
  • Boosting Confidence: There's a healing sense of accomplishment in performing tasks on one's own. Dressing aids provide just that, instilling confidence in the user.

Rediscover Independence with Move Mobility

We encourage every individual in Australia to browse our expansive online range of dressing aids. Our dressing aids are more than just tools; they're bridges to a life of independence and self-reliance.

Moreover, as a holistic mobility solutions provider, our offerings stretch beyond dressing. Explore aids for mobility, protection, safety, and more, ensuring a complete experience for every user. We pride ourselves in understanding the unique difficulties faced by many, and our aids are tailored, keeping every individual's unique needs in mind.

Shop Online and Instore

Reaching out, pulling, and securing - these simple actions can sometimes become the biggest challenges. However, with the right tools and equipment, these can also transform into the most rewarding experiences. Whether you’re in search of a button hook, a dressing stick, or a sock aid, Move Mobility's extensive range of equipment promises quality, durability, and, most importantly, a step towards boundless independence.

Choose Move Mobility. Our showrooms offer tactile experiences, and our experts are always ready with advice and assistance. Visit us in Logan and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland - otherwise shop online and enjoy Australia-Wide shipping.

Choose a life where dressing isn't a task but a testament to one's autonomy. Dive head first into our range today and take the step towards a freer, more independent tomorrow.

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