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Guard against Unintended Falls with Move Mobility's Premium Fall Mats

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At Move Mobility, an esteemed mobility equipment provider accredited by both the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we present a wide-ranging collection of bedside fall mats. Recognising the intrinsic value of falls prevention, especially in settings like aged care facilities, our curated range is focused on high risk individuals. These bedside fall mats are strategically designed not just to provide a cushioned surface in the event of falls, but also to actively prevent them.

Choosing the Right Fall Mat for Maximum Protection

Fall mats, commonly integrated in environments where the risk of falls is prevalent, are especially beneficial for those with limited mobility or those prone to falling from beds. Our range encompasses mats with features such as foam cushioning for optimal protection, easy storage capabilities for convenience, and a battery alarm pack that can be interfaced with nurse call systems to alert care staff in the event of falls.

Our fall mat offerings aren’t just crash mats; they're innovative fall prevention tools. Their design ensures easy floor placement, reducing the risk of injuries from potential falls. Additionally, the mats can be seamlessly integrated with alarm systems, sounding a timely alert in case of sudden movements, ensuring that the care staff or caregivers can respond swiftly.

Understanding the Benefits of Fall Mats

The essence of a fall mat lies in its dual purpose: acting as a safety net by cushioning falls and, when integrated with alarms, acting as an early warning and alarm system. The mats, often constructed of high-density foam, ensure that in the unfortunate event of a fall, the surface drastically reduces the impact, preventing potential injuries. Moreover, their easy storage feature ensures that they don't become an obstruction when not in use.

Broadening Your Safety Horizons with Move Mobility

While fall mats are indispensable in their role in fall prevention, Move Mobility offers an even wider horizon of safety and mobility equipment. Dive into our collection to uncover kitchen aids crafted for culinary independence, gripping aids for enhanced hand functionality, dressing aids simplifying everyday routines, personal care accessories ensuring daily independence, pressure care solutions optimizing comfort, reaching aids enhancing accessibility, daily living aids fostering self-reliance, and independent living solutions tailored to myriad needs. Our commitment is to cater to all dimensions of mobility, safety, and comfort.

Embarking on Your Safety Journey with Fall Mats

Embrace a safer environment, either by browsing through our extensive online collection of fall mats or by experiencing them first-hand in our showrooms located in Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, and in Logan on the Outskirts of Brisbane. Whether online or in-store, our team is dedicated to guide you to the optimal safety solutions. Once you've made your first mat choice, enjoy our prompt Australia-wide delivery service, ensuring your selected products reach you in no time.

With Move Mobility, your safety and mobility journey is always in expert hands.

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