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Elevate your rehabilitation journey with Move Mobility's expertly tailored complex rehab equipment. Explore custom solutions designed for individual conditions.

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Welcome to Move Mobility, your premier destination for complex rehab equipment in Australia. Approved by DVA and NDIS, we specialize in providing advanced, personalized mobility solutions.

Complex rehabilitation equipment is crucial for individuals with severe or multiple conditions or disabilities, demanding more than off-the-shelf products. Our offerings ensure that every individual receives the right support for their unique rehabilitation journey.

As specialists in equipment prescription and assistive technology, we work closely with fellow Allied Health professionals and clients to provide the right solution for the right mobility challenge every time.

Our Complex Rehab team is a skilled team of experts who have years of hands-on experience and professional training. Our team includes certified Occupational Therapists and Field Technicians.

Understanding Complex Rehab

Complex rehab involves specialized equipment tailored to meet the unique medical and functional needs of individuals with significant conditions or disabilities. This equipment is often customizable and adaptive, focusing on improving quality of life, enhancing mobility, and promoting independence.

Our approach to Complex Rehab is simple: we evaluate and suggest the product solution that best fits each client's unique requirements. We don't confine ourselves to a particular range or style, giving our team the flexibility to propose the most suitable option. Move Mobility proudly partners with top industry brands and models sourced from premier international manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability in this field.

Custom Manual Wheelchairs

Our custom manual wheelchairs, or scripted manual wheelchairs, are designed considering the individual user's specific needs, ensuring optimal fit, comfort and mobility. Partnering with leading industry brands, we guarantee a wheelchair that not only meets your physical requirements but enhances your lifestyle.

Custom Power Wheelchairs

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, our custom power wheelchairs offer unparalleled support and freedom as patients move through the world. With models sourced from the world's top tier international manufacturers, we ensure each wheelchair is a clinically appropriate product solution, enabling greater independence and mobility.

Custom Seating

Comfort and correct positioning are paramount. Our custom seating solutions are crafted to provide users with optimal support, incorporating positioning products and pressure management to cater to individual clients' complex needs.

Custom Shower Commodes

Our custom shower commodes blend functionality with comfort and style, tailored to fit the user’s specific requirements, ensuring safety and ease of use in the bathroom. We prioritise the dignity of the individual in our complex rehab philosophy.

Power Assist Chairs

For those seeking a middle ground between a manual wheelchair and power wheelchairs, our power assist chairs offer the perfect solution. These power assist devices attach to manual wheelchairs, providing a push and enabling easier movement, ideal for users with limited strength.

Comprehensive Care Considerations

Caring for individuals with complex rehab needs requires a thorough understanding of their conditions and the challenges they face. Our key assistive equipment focus comes from a team of experienced professionals who assess individual client's needs, ensuring they receive the most appropriate and effective equipment.

Beyond complex rehab equipment, Move Mobility offers a wide array of products designed to improve daily living for those with mobility issues. We offer walking aids, adaptive clothing and bedroom equipment as well as mobility scooters, cushions, and daily living aids. Our catalogue is designed to enhance independence and quality of life across all aspects.

Shop with Confidence at Move Mobility

At Move Mobility, we believe in providing customers not just products, but solutions that genuinely enhance lives. Shop online or visit our showrooms in Logan and Robina to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team. With Australia-wide delivery, access to quality complex rehab equipment is easier than ever. Our partnership with leading brands and commitment to a client-focused approach ensure that we offer not just products, but pathways to improved independence and quality of life. Explore our range today and discover how we can help make a positive difference in your mobility journey.

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