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Ease into Safety with Move Mobility. Fall Safety Mats for Sale Online.

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Welcome to a haven of safety at Move Mobility, where every fall safety mat holds a promise of protection. As a DVA and NDIS approved seller of mobility and assistive equipment, we're all about adding a comforting layer of safety foam security to your daily life.

Falls can happen, but a safer landing shouldn't be a luxury. Our assortment of fall safety mats is a proactive step towards cushioning those unexpected falls and injury, as well as fall prevention, ensuring a snug buffer between the patient and the floor.

Wrap Your Floors in Safety

Our fall safety mats are built to absorb shocks, lessen the impact, and cradle you gently in the event of a fall. They are essential for injury prevention, as the foam mat prevents substantial bruising or bone breakage in the event that the patient has a fall. They are the ultimate protection between the bed and the ground.

A Mat for Every Space: Whether you're recovering at home, in hospital or in an aged care facility, we have a mat that fits your space. Various sizes, materials, and a touch of design, all catered to your unique needs.

Non-Slip and Cushioned: While they cushion your falls, their grip on the floor is firm. The non-slip feature ensures the mat stays loyal at its location, while the cushioned surface of the crash mat is ready to catch you softly. It also has a reflective strip for additional visibility.

Ease of Maintenance: Easy to clean, easy to store and easy to maintain - our mats don’t ask for much, but give back safety in droves. Their durable fabric endures the test of time, promising you prolonged function.

Need Other Safety or Bedroom Mobility Equipment?

Pair our fall safety mats with grab bars, bed rails, bed poles, our wide selection of mobility beds or mattresses, and you’ve got yourself a well-fortified, accident-resistant haven. It’s about creating a seamless safety net around you.

Shopping with Assurance

When you choose Move Mobility, you’re not just buying foam mat or a product; you’re investing in peace of mind. Each mat, each product is a pledge of quality and safety, promising you a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Our friendly team is here to help you pick the floor mat one that matches your safety needs, offering you a personalized shopping experience. Click through our collection, find your safety companion, and let’s make those floors a tad safer together. We offer Australia Wide delivery for all our online customers.

If you would like to discuss your condition or needs with our team, then we encourage you to call or to visit one of our showrooms in South East Queensland. We have stores in Logan, on the outskirts of Brisbane and Robina Town Centre, in the heart of the Gold Coast. We'd love to meet you face to face to understand your requirements better.

The world might come with its share of slips and trips, but with Move Mobility, you have a soft place to land. Discover our range of fall safety mats today and step into a safer, more cushioned world.

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