Incontinence For Sale

The journey to feeling confident and reclaiming your life from the challenges of incontinence starts with Move Mobility.

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As a renowned DVA and NDIS approved provider, we introduce our incontinence range, not just as products, but solutions carefully designed for both comfort and functionality. Incontinence can touch women and mens and lives in various ways. At Move Mobility, we strive to offer a complete range of incontinence products tailored to every customer and unique need.

Our collection includes overlays for chairs, beds and wheelchairs specifically. For those experiencing heavy leakage nights, our bed incontinence pads offer optimum absorbency, ensuring a peaceful, dry night.

Our reusable incontinence products, from bedding to washable wheelchair pads, reflect our commitment to sustainability without compromising quality. And for our customers looking to shop for a bargain, our sale prices ensure you receive top-quality at an attractive price.

Our Collection of Incontinence Products for Sale

  • Chair Overlays: Elevate your seating experience with Move Mobility's premium chair overlays, crafted from high-quality materials for optimal comfort and durability. These overlays seamlessly fit various chairs, ensuring a plush and restful sit every time.
  • Bed Overlays: Transform your bed into a haven of relaxation with Move Mobility's bed overlays. Made to offer supreme comfort and protection, these overlays enhance sleep quality and provide a cosy night's rest.
  • Wheelchair Incontinence Pads: Ensure optimal hygiene and comfort with Move Mobility's wheelchair incontinence pads. Designed for maximum absorbency and discretion, these pads offer confidence and protection during mobility.

Beyond incontinence, Move Mobility's rich catalogue covers other essential categories. From bariatric care, ramps, and patient care management products to cushions, aids for daily living, mobility scooters, back care, comfort footwear, walkers, and orthopaedic support, explore a universe of products curated for independent living and utmost convenience.

How Incontinence Products Work

Incontinence aids are designed for the elderly and others are ingeniously crafted to address the unique challenges that come with age-related bladder and bowel control issues. These products typically comprise layers of highly absorbent materials that quickly soak up and lock in moisture, preventing skin irritation and odour formation. The outer layers are often waterproof, ensuring that any leaks are effectively contained.

They're tailored to fit comfortably on a bed, wheelchair or chair, with elasticized areas for a snug fit. Modern advancements have also led to the creation and sale of reusable products with washable fabrics, aligning with eco-friendly choices and providing cost-effective solutions. These products not only offer physical protection but also provide peace of mind, helping the elderly maintain their dignity, confidence, and quality of life.

The Move Mobility Shopping Experience

Shopping for incontinence products online might seem daunting, but at Move Mobility, we prioritise a seamless experience. Whether you're browsing online from the convenience of your home or prefer to engage with our friendly staff at our showrooms in Logan and Robina Town Centre, South East Queensland, the choice is yours. And with our promise of swift Australia-wide delivery, no matter whether you're in Perth or Melbourne, your selected incontinence solutions will reach you without delay.

Reimagine a life of confidence, self-assuredness, and absolute comfort with Move Mobility. As your trusted partner in the journey towards managing incontinence, we bring forth products that combine quality, discretion, and affordability. Dive into our diverse range today, embrace a life where incontinence doesn't define you, but where your chosen products redefine comfort and confidence. Shop today, shop often because at Move Mobility, your health and well-being is our priority.

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