Home Safety Equipment for Sale

Delve into Move Mobility's expansive collection of home safety equipment. Transition your home into a fortress of safety, preventing falls and monitoring patients in real-time.

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As a DVA and NDIS approved provider, Move Mobility isn't just a retailer, but a partner in your mission to fortify your home against risks and ensure your family's safety. Our dedication lies in providing solutions that genuinely match your needs.

Home Safety Equipment: Your Ultimate Defence

The emphasis on home safety has never been more crucial. At Move Mobility, we recognize the pressing need to have reliable equipment in place, not just to tackle common emergencies but to prepare for the unexpected. Our home safety category focuses on fall prevention - and real-time personal medical devices that can relay critical information about the patient's health.

Diving Deeper: Our Home Safety Subcategories

  1. Fall Safety Mats: Designed thoughtfully to cushion impacts and prevent serious injuries, these mats act as a safety net, especially useful for homes with elderly family members or children. Ensure every fall is safe, and every recovery is swift.
  2. Fall Prevention Equipment: More than just mats, this category houses a variety of products like grab bars, bed rails, and transfer poles. These items aim to prevent the fall in the first place, giving every family member the freedom to move around without fear.
  3. Personal Medical Devices: These are a boon in today's world, where health monitoring is paramount. From blood pressure monitors to glucose, these devices give you the power to manage health metrics from the comfort of your home, ensuring timely interventions and peace of mind.

More on Offer with Move Mobility

Move Mobility doesn't just stop at home safety. We cater to a multitude of needs. From wheelchair accessories to bath aids, from stairlifts to mobility scooters, and from pressure cushions to rehabilitation equipment - our diverse categories ensure a holistic approach to safety and mobility.

Your Enhanced Shopping Experience

Our mobility platform offers an experience like no other. While our online store is enriched with detailed product descriptions, user reviews, and an easy checkout process, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, our showrooms across various locations in Australia beckon. Once you finalise your purchase, anticipate swift, Australia-wide delivery, bringing safety right to your door.

Otherwise, if you need advice on the home safety equipment that's right for your needs, or the needs of the person you're caring for, then we welcome you to visit us at one of our Showrooms in Robina or Logan in South East Queensland. Otherwise, a call to one of our stores could help clarify anything you need.

Embark on a Safer Journey with Move Mobility

With Move Mobility, each product is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in safety, security, and serenity. Explore our wide array of home safety equipment and choose devices that resonate with your needs and concerns. With Move Mobility by your side, every purchase ensures protection. Shop today and feel the difference that true peace of mind brings.

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