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Eating and Drinking Aids at Move Mobility: Cultivating Autonomy and Simplicity for Every Meal. Search products that amplify independent eating and bolster a joyful dining experience.

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Move Mobility, recognised by esteemed institutions like DVA and NDIS, is committed to uplifting the dining experience for all, especially for those facing challenges like weak grip, reduced dexterity, or poor coordination. Our focus is centered on understanding and delivering solutions that truly make a difference.

Empowerment Through Dining Aids

Dining should be a pleasure, not a challenge. Our vast range of eating and drinking aids ensures those with limited mobility, poor grip, or reduced upper limb strength can enjoy their meals and drink with comfort and confidence. From cutlery with a comfortable grip to non-slip mats ensuring safety, every product is designed with utmost care.

  • Two Handled Mugs: Designed for those with a weak grip or poor coordination, our two-handled mugs provide stability and ease, ensuring each sip is enjoyed without concern.
  • Scoop Dishes: Specifically crafted for those with reduced dexterity, our scoop dishes facilitate easier food pick-up, making independent eating more accessible.
  • Dysphagia Cups: Assisting individuals with swallowing difficulties, these cups make drinking a smoother experience, reducing the risk associated with choking.
  • Eating and Drinking Aids Filter: Effortlessly sift through our stock, ensuring you pinpoint the most fitting eating and drinking aids curated for your unique needs.

Bridging Independence with Innovative Dining Tools

Eating and drinking aids are pivotal in nurturing a sense of independence during meals. From caring mugs and plates that cater to those with limited grip to bendable utensils designed for people with limited mobility, our offerings make every dining moment special.

Discover More with Move Mobility

Delve into the world of Move Mobility and navigate through our eclectic range. From exploring patient transfer options like patient lifters and horizontal transfer aids to diving into our bedroom offerings with products such as bed rails and bedroom commodes, every need is catered to. Our array range of crutches, ranging from underarm to forearm, ensures mobility at every step. Delight in our compression socks or secure safety with our fall prevention equipment. For those prioritizing pressure care, our pressure care cushions are an excellent choice. Don’t forget our mobility ramps and bathroom boards for enhanced daily living support.

Your Eating and Drinking Aids Shopping Experience

Venturing into the world of dining aids with Move Mobility promises a rewarding experience. Shop online at your leisure or personally experience our range at our showrooms. With our promise of Australia-wide delivery, you're guaranteed swift access to your selected items. Our showrooms, located in Logan and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland, offer a tactile experience, enabling you to feel and comprehend the product first-hand.

Elevate your mealtime experience, reduce challenges associated with eating and drinking, and cherish every moment with Move Mobility’s meticulously chosen range of eating and drinking aids. Commit today for a more autonomous and delightful tomorrow.

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