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Welcome to Move Mobility, your online sanctuary for mobility equipment essentials in Australia. Accredited by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and recognized by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we ardently strive to uplift your living standards through our exhaustive gamut of mobility solutions.

Embark on a journey to procure the ideal horizontal positioning aids, tailored to meet your unique needs or those of your cherished ones. At Move Mobility, our vast collection of positioning aids is a bastion of support for individuals requiring assistance in maintaining a safe and comfortable posture.

Why Choose Horizontal Positioning Aids?

Our Horizontal Positioning Aids are a cornerstone in ensuring optimal support, reducing the risk associated with improper positioning post-surgery or during rest. They play a pivotal role in pressure redistribution, minimizing the friction and strain experienced by both the user and the caregiver during patient positioning and transfer. Whether it's slide sheets with a high safe working load or positioning aids with a PU coating to ensure durability, we've meticulously curated a range to meet varied needs.

Boasting attributes such as enhanced pressure redistribution, length and width tailored for different body types, and PU coating for longevity, our range of positioning aids like slide sheets, arm supports, and body positioning aids cater to varied needs. These aids are manufactured with robust materials like nylon, ensuring seamless seams, and an ability to withstand the combination of weight and movement.

The Benefits of Horizontal Positioning Aids:

  • Assures correct patient positioning, mitigating risk.
  • Aids in pressure redistribution, alleviating pressure sores.
  • Enhances patient comfort during rest or post-surgery recuperation.
  • Eases the transfer process, reducing strain on the caregiver.
  • Ensures a safe working load, fostering a safer environment.

Our plethora of horizontal positioning aids is available in a spectrum of designs to accommodate different bed sizes and individual preferences. They exemplify where support interlinks with necessity, catering to the unique needs of individuals with varying degrees of mobility challenges.

Beyond Horizontal Positioning Aids: Explore More

Delve deeper into our diverse array of products, harmonizing with your mobility requisites. From pressure-relieving cushions, bed accessories to a myriad of mobility aids and bathroom safety equipment, we envision a holistic approach towards a comfortable and accessible living ambiance.

Your exploration into enhanced mobility doesn't end here. Unearth our range of mobility chairs, transfer solutions, fall safety mats, patient hoists, and a plethora of other mobility solutions. We stock over 800 items meticulously designed to enrich your life.

Shopping Experience & Australia-Wide Delivery

Embark on a seamless shopping odyssey with Move Mobility, complemented by swift and reliable Australia-wide shipping. We, at Move Mobility, comprehend the essence of mobility, thus, we are pledged to timely deliveries, ensuring you revel in the features and comforts of your new horizontal positioning aid promptly.

Indulge in a realm of support and comfort as you traverse through our collection of horizontal positioning aids and other mobility solutions. The Move Mobility distinction is a voyage towards stability and an enhanced quality of life. Venture into our online store, or if you seek a more tactile shopping experience, we invite you to visit our showrooms at Logan and Robina Town Centre. Located conveniently near both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we'd be ecstatic to assist you in person.

At Move Mobility, your quest for stability and a serene positioning experience attains its pinnacle. Explore our range and propel your life towards enhanced mobility and lasting comfort. Your well-deserved soothing positioning support is now within reach.

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