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Elevate Your Mobility Experience with High-Quality Forearm Crutches from Move Mobility

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At Move Mobility, your trusted mobility and recovery equipment hub approved by both the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we proudly showcase a comprehensive selection of forearm crutches for sale. Understanding the pivotal role of the right crutches, be it for injury recovery or more long-term needs, our range guarantees unmatched support and adaptability for every unique requirement.

Selecting The Right Forearm Crutches for Your Needs

Forearm crutches, commonly employed by patients seeking even distribution of pressure and long-term usage, are meticulously constructed to offer impeccable stability and support. Designed with adjustable cuffs, either plastic or other durable materials, these crutches ensure a snug fit around the elbow and forearm, reducing strain on the hands and arms. From considering crutches size to determining the right crutch for your leg height, our assortment is designed to suit everyone, offering both comfort and robustness.

Comparing Forearm and Underarm Crutches

Navigating the world of mobility aids can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when presented with the two main types of hand crutches - forearm and underarm. While both serve the primary purpose of support and mobility, they cater to different needs and preferences:

  1. Forearm Crutches: Suited for individuals with a more long-term need for support, these crutches evenly distribute weight across the arms and legs, eliminating strain. Features like the adjustable cuff around the elbow ensure stability and prevent the crutch from slipping.
  2. Underarm Crutches: These crutches are typically suited for short-term use, such as post-injury recovery. The padded area sits directly under the armpit, bearing the user's weight. However, prolonged use might result in pressure on the armpits.

Understanding your mobility needs and how each crutch type might benefit you is crucial. Whether you need a pair of underarm crutches with padded hand grips or forearm crutches with ergonomically designed hand grip, Move Mobility ensures a large range that caters to all.

A World of Forearm Crutch Features

Crucial to our selection of forearm crutches for sale are the myriad features tailored to enhance user experience:

  • Adjustable Height: Accommodate varying leg lengths and ensure the crutch is suited for your size.
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips: These lessen hand fatigue and ensure comfort during prolonged use.
  • Lightweight yet Durable Construction: Facilitating easier movement without compromising on the crutch’s durability.

Broadening Your Mobility Horizons with Move Mobility

While our forearm crutches stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, our offering expands into various other categories. Experience our motorised wheelchairs for effortless movement, bed and chair raisers for improved accessibility, bathroom aids ensuring safety, bariatric equipment designed for durability, bedroom aids crafted for convenience, wheelchair accessories enhancing your mobility experience, cushions constructed for tailored comfort, back supports guaranteeing optimal posture, and gel seating cushions designed for utmost relaxation. With this vast array, every facet of your mobility and comfort is catered to with precision and care.

Embarking on Your Forearm Crutch Journey

Embracing a world of enhanced mobility is a mere click away with Move Mobility. Delve into our online collection, adjust settings, choose the perfect pair, and watch them get swiftly delivered with our Australia-wide shipping. For those who prefer a tactile shopping experience, our showrooms await, conveniently located in Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, and in Logan on the Outskirts of Brisbane.

Our showrooms present an opportunity to feel, adjust, and select the best forearm crutches firsthand. Be it through the digital sphere or in our physical spaces, Move Mobility ensures a seamless shopping journey tailored to your needs.

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