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Revolutionize Transfers with Move Mobility’s Horizontal Patient Transfer Solutions.

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Welcome to the heart of Move Mobility’s horizontal patient transfer range. Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, verified by health care providers and accreditations from DVA and NDIS, ensures our offerings seamlessly integrate into Australia's demanding healthcare environments.

Embarking on the transfer process requires critical thinking exercises prior to each move. It's not just about shifting the patient horizontally; it's about ensuring proper body mechanics, explaining the procedure to the patient, applying the right transfer process, and making sure the patient is positioned correctly prior to each move.

We sell patient transfer boards that make transferring patients safe.

Diverse Range of Transfer Aids

Sliding Board Transfers

These boards, often made of durable and friction-reducing material, act as bridges between two surfaces, allowing patients to slide from one to another. They are especially useful for wheelchair patients, ensuring their legs and arms remain supported during the sliding board transfer.

Gait Belts

The gait belt wraps snugly around the patient's waist, facilitating the patient's ability to stand as the bell facilitates the patient's ability to lean forward slightly, allowing health care providers to guide the front leg shift weight to a standing position.

Transfer Devices with Weight Shift Features

Our transfer devices ensure the patient's feet are positioned correctly, offering stability and support during the weight shift, whether during a seated transfer or while standing.

Two-Person Transfer Aids

For acutely ill patients or those with conditions like cerebral vascular accidents, two-person transfers are essential. Our range includes tools designed to minimize effort, decrease friction, and ensure patient safety during the transfer process.

Lateral Transfer Sheets & Aids

Designed for moving patients laterally, these aids help to roll the patient, avoiding lifting patients directly, and ensuring safety considerations are met during lateral transfers.

Safety First Recommendations

Before initiating any horizontal patient transfer, it's essential to apply proper footwear prior to the move, ensure the patient is properly positioned, and verify that potential obstructions, like tubes or wires, won't cause accidental removal during the transfer. Furthermore, for those using equipment like a stretcher or wheelchair for the transfer, it's crucial to position the stretcher slightly lower to ensure patient safety and ease during the stretcher transfer or wheelchair transfer.

Beyond Horizontal Transfers

Move Mobility’s dedication extends beyond horizontal transfers. Our spectrum of products expands to cater to diverse needs, from walking aids to shower safety equipment. Need a hand picking the right tool? Our seasoned team is always ready to guide, ensuring you procure equipment aligned perfectly with your needs.

Your Ultimate Shopping Experience

Plunge into a seamless online shopping journey with Move Mobility. With prompt Australia-wide shipping, regaining mobility and freedom is easier than ever. Want to touch, feel, and try before buying? Head to our showrooms in Logan and Robina Town Centre. Our seasoned experts await, eager to guide you through our vast collection, ensuring your every question is addressed.

At Move Mobility, flawless, safe, and effortless patient transfers are not just a dream—they are a reality. Dive into our collection, and embrace a world of unbridled mobility and limitless potential.

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