Household Aids

Regain control over your daily life with Move Mobility's Household Aids. Crafted with precision, these products promise to redefine the essence of independent living.

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Recognised for its commitment to those with limited mobility, Move Mobility takes pride in its comprehensive daily living range of products. Our household aids aren’t mere tools – they represent empowerment. For every individual striving for autonomy in everyday tasks, we bring forth a selection that promises comfort, ease, and efficiency.

Dressing Aids & Reaching Aids:

Maintaining personal hygiene, eating and dressing up independently is a privilege everyone deserves. With our dressing aids and reaching aids, morning routines become more manageable and less cumbersome.

  • Kitchen Aids & Bottle Openers: Transform your kitchen chores with our ergonomic utensils, offering a comfortable grip. Bottle openers designed for simplicity, ensuring meal preparations are safe and effortless.
  • Toilet & Bathroom Essentials: Our raised toilet seats and gripping aids for the bathroom bring safety and comfort to your most private moments, making them more accessible than ever.
  • Living Room & Bedroom Comforts: For moments of relaxation and rest, our range of aids focuses on maximizing comfort while ensuring safety. From chair raisers to adaptive furniture accessories, bring added ease to your living spaces.

Beyond household aids, Move Mobility’s expansive product spectrum encompasses various categories to assist and enhance your life. Discover walking aids, ramps, patient care products, lifting chairs, pressure care solutions, wheelchairs, other mobility equipment, scooters, therapy aids, bathroom aids, bedroom aids, and rehabilitation tools. Dive into our world of independent living aids, each curated meticulously, offering the zenith of what mobility assistance can provide.

Discover the Move Mobility Difference

At the intersection of quality and independence stands Move Mobility. An illustrious DVA and NDIS approved provider, our vast range of products is a testament to a life reimagined. Delve into our comprehensive selection which includes dressing aids, kitchen aids, gripping aids, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking aids, bathroom aids, bedroom aids, rehabilitation tools, pressure care solutions, therapy aids, patient care products, lifting chairs, ramps, and even mobility scooters.

Each category, meticulously curated, reflects our commitment to durability, reliability, and supreme functionality. From aiding in essential daily tasks to supporting longer-term mobility needs, Move Mobility ensures its patrons have access to the pinnacle of assistive equipment in Australia.

The Move Mobility Shopping Experience

Whether you prefer the digital convenience of online shopping or cherish the tactile experience of our showrooms in Logan and Robina Town Centre, South East Queensland, Move Mobility is equipped to serve you. With our promise of swift Australia-wide delivery, rest assured that whether you’re in Sydney or Darwin, your selected household aids will reach you promptly.

Let Move Mobility be your companion on the journey to independent living. Our array of household aids, from the kitchen to the bedroom, aims to make every task effortless. Shop today, embracing a life of self-reliance, independence, autonomy, and sheer joy.

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