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Welcome to Move Mobility, your trusted online hub for premium mobility solutions in Australia. Being a DVA and NDIS approved provider, our mission extends to improving the quality of life for all individuals with mobility challenges, including the elderly.

The cornerstone of rejuvenating sleep and comfort for the elderly lies in a suitable mattress. Understanding this, at Move Mobility we have curated a range of mattresses tailored to meet the unique comfort and support needs of the elderly. Our collection encapsulates the essence of restful sleep and the alleviation of discomfort, making every night a step towards restorative rest.

We're here to ensure you have a good night's sleep, no matter your stage or life or condition.

Dive into a World of Comfort with Our Elderly Mattresses

Our elderly mattresses are more than just a bed; they are a promise of unmatched comfort, pressure relief, and robust support. Not everyone is able to sleep in a horizontal sleeping position. The variety within our collection ensures a fulfilling match for diverse preferences and requirements.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses: Experience the contouring embrace of our memory foam mattresses, a haven for pressure relief and serene sleep.
  • Innerspring Mattresses For Seniors: We also sell innerspring mattresses for the elderly that have been road-tested for people with sensitive conditions.
  • Adjustable Bed Mattresses: Unlock the freedom of personalised comfort with our adjustable bed mattresses, perfect for finding that sweet spot of restfulness.
  • Hybrid Mattresses: Enjoy the balanced allure of our hybrid mattresses, offering a harmonious blend of support and bounce.
  • Pressure Relief Mattresses: This mattress for elderly has been designed for pressure relief for patients who need to stay in bed for a long time. Head over to our Pressure Care Category for the whole selection.

Finding Your Perfect Size and Firmness

At Move Mobility, the pathway to comfort is laden with choices. Our mattresses come in various sizes - single, king single and queen, allowing you to find a perfect fit for different bed frames and room dimensions. We stock king singles and singles most commonly.

We offer firm mattress choices, softer mattresses and a selection of supportive mattress types. These mattresses for seniors have been designed to lower body heat, offer joint pain relief, improve sleep habits, support atypical sleeping positions, achieve pressure point relief, provide comfort to both back and stomach sleepers, relieve hot sleepers and provide superior spinal alignment.

Need something else? Other Mobility Aids.

Apart from mattresses for seniors, we also stock many other bedroom mobility aids and general mobility aids. Including headboards, commodes, electric adjustable bed frames, fall mats, personal medical devices, grooming aids and a huge range of walkers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Quality Mattresses You Can Trust

Our commitment to quality and durability resonates in each mattress we offer, manifesting our commitment to providing comfortable and supportive sleep solutions. The trust bestowed upon us as a reliable provider of mobility and assistive equipment to the most recognised institutions in Australia propels us to uphold and exceed the expectations set by our clientele.

Embark on a Journey of Comfort - Shop Instore or Online.

Your quest for a comforting sleep companion ends here at Move Mobility. We offer a seamless experience of browsing through our diversified range of mattresses for the elderly on our ecommerce website, so you can make a wise investment in yours or your loved one’s well-being. Your satisfaction is a testament to our success, and our friendly customer support is always at your beck and call to assist you. We offer Australia-Wide shipping that is both convenient and cost effective.

If you need some additional help selecting the ultimate mobility aids for yourself, or the person you're caring for, then we'd love to see you in person in one of our two showrooms in South East Queensland. We have a showroom in Logan Central on the outskirts of Brisbane, as well as another showroom on the Gold Coast in Robina.

Experience the Move Mobility difference, where quality meets comfort and satisfaction is not just promised, but delivered. Shop now and rediscover the essence of restful sleep and comfort for your elderly loved ones. Check out our 5 Star Reviews!

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