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Welcome to Move Mobility, your trusted source for premium patient hoists for sale in Australia. With our extensive range of patient lifts and patient lifting hoists, rest assured you're stepping into a realm of unmatched quality and functionality designed to meet a spectrum of mobility needs.

Types of Patient Hoists

Portable Hoists: Our portable hoists redefine flexibility and ease of mobility. Be it in a home or a clinical environment like hospitals and nursing homes, transporting patients from one spot to another has never been more convenient.

Ceiling Hoists: Our range of ceiling hoists offers an ingenious solution for space management, ensuring safe and smooth patient transfers, especially suitable for aged care facilities and homes with limited mobility residents.

Bariatric Hoists: Catering to our bariatric clients, these hoists are designed with a higher safe working load, ensuring safety and comfort while addressing the unique challenges faced in lifting and transferring heavier patients.

Manual & Electric Versions: Whether you prefer manual control or the ease of electric versions, our collection provides an array of choices to suit various care scenarios and patient needs.

Tailored for Uncompromised Safety and Comfort

Every lifting hoist and patient lifter in our collection comes adorned with essential safety features like emergency stop buttons, ensuring risk-free operations. The ergonomic design of our lifts aims at reducing the possibility of injury both for the user and the carer.

The slings, being an integral part of the lifting process, are fabricated to ensure utmost comfort and safety during the lift. The synergy between our hoists and slings epitomises the ease of transferring patients whether to a bed, wheelchair, toilet, or across rooms.

Your Journey Towards Effortless Patient Transfers

The quest for a reliable patient lifting hoist ends at Move Mobility. Our patient lifters are not just devices, they are a promise of an effortless, dignified, and safer patient handling, ensuring an elevated quality of life for those with limited mobility.

Dive into our collection of lifting equipment and explore the different functionalities each hoist provides. From the varied lifting range, safety elements, to the sling seat options, every feature is meticulously crafted to assist in easy patient transport while minimising strain on the carers.

Every hoist, be it for transferring patients with diminished mobility or bariatric clients, reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence in ensuring safer patient handling solutions.

Your Gateway to Enhanced Mobility

At Move Mobility, we extend beyond just an online store; we are a conduit to an improved quality of life. Every patient hoist for sale on our platform is a step towards liberating individuals from the clutches of mobility restrictions.

With our well-structured online store and showrooms in Logan Central and Robina Town Centre, getting first-hand experience or a thorough understanding of our products before making a purchase has never been easier. We invite you to explore our online catalogue, or better yet, visit our showrooms to get a tangible feel of the transformative impact our patient hoists and lifters can impart.

We offer Australia wide shipping for our online patients.

Moreover, we are always at your service to provide a free quote, advise on the best lifting solutions to meet your needs, and ensure that every penny spent is a stride towards achieving unparalleled mobility.

Invest in a patient hoist from Move Mobility, and embrace the freedom and independence that comes with high-quality mobility equipment. Your journey towards unbounded mobility is just a click or a visit away. Contact us now and let's traverse the path of enhanced mobility together.

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