Incontinence Chair Overlays for Sale

Elevate your seating experience and solve incontinence issues with Move Mobility's expertly crafted chair overlays.

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Medical Sheepskin Overlays
Neonatal (30x50cm)Paediatric (45x75cm)Day Chair(50x145cm)Classic (75x125cm)Regal (75x180cm)Single Bed (92x187cm)Double Bed (187x137cm)Queen Bed(200x150cm)King Single Bed (204x107cm)

As a distinguished DVA and NDIS approved provider, Move Mobility proudly presents a broad array of incontinence chair overlays. Understanding that different chairs serve different needs, we’ve meticulously curated our products to enhance the user experience.

For those desiring the pinnacle of comfort, our incontinence chair overlay range is masterfully crafted using precision materials design to absorb and protect. This dedication ensures our overlays not only envelop users in pure luxury but also provide impeccable pressure redistribution.

Natural wool's magic is its dual function: offering soft cushioning while being a breathable natural material. Each of our overlays, whether it’s for arm chairs, day chairs, or any different chairs, promises an improved seating comfort for people with incontinence issues. Its very soft cushioning and thick natural wool underlay ensures users benefit from a wool underlay that decreases restlessness and optimizes comfort, promoting a comfortable seating position over long periods of time. Beyond just the allure of comfort, it’s about ensuring each chair becomes an epitome of relaxation and tranquility.

Move Mobility’s range extends beyond just incontinence chair overlays. We boast an extensive catalog that includes categories like wheelchair accessories, walkers, bathroom safety equipment, orthopaedic support, comfort footwear, ramps, back care, aids for daily living, mobility scooters, and patient care management products – each tailored for the varying needs of our diverse clientele. It’s not just about mobility; it’s about living with dignity, ease, and independence.

Incontinence Chair Overlays: How Do They Work?

Incontinence chair overlays serve as a multi-functional solution, primarily designed to address the challenges presented by urinary or faecal incontinence. These overlays are crafted with layers of highly absorbent materials that rapidly soak up moisture, locking it away to prevent skin irritation and any unpleasant odours. The exterior layer day chair overlay is typically waterproof, ensuring any potential leaks are contained effectively. Beyond the primary function of moisture management, these overlays also enhance chair comfort. When placed on regular seating, they transform an ordinary chair into a soft, cushioned, and hygienic seating option, ensuring both protection and comfort are prioritised. Whether it's for daily use or specific occasions, these overlays offer individuals the peace of mind and discretion they need to live confidently.

The Move Mobility Shopping Experience

At Move Mobility, we aim to create a seamless shopping journey, whether online or in-person. Our website offers a wide selection, with detailed descriptions for each product, ensuring you make informed decisions. For those who prefer a tactile shopping experience, our showrooms stand ready to welcome and guide you. They are based in Logan Central and Robina Town Centre, in the heart of South East Queensland. Once you've made your selection, rest assured our Australia-wide delivery ensures your chosen chair overlays reach your doorstep in no time.

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers. Discover the magic of sheer comfort, trust in the guaranteed quality of our products. After all, we’re not just about products; we’re about experiences, and we invite you to experience the best.

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