Fall Prevention Equipment

Prioritize safety and minimize the risk of falling with Move Mobility’s comprehensive range of fall prevention equipment.

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As a proud DVA and NDIS approved provider, Move Mobility is more than just a retailer; we're a beacon of trust and safety for homes, residential aged care, and other settings across Australia. Our unwavering commitment aligns with the high-risk scenarios many face, offering products that are meticulously tailored to fit unique needs.

Understanding Fall Prevention Equipment

Fall prevention equipment is specifically designed to combat the highest risk of factors associated with falls, particularly for the elderly. Whether it's physical changes, cognitive impairment, or environmental hazards, our range aids in preventing unwanted accidents that can lead to hip and wrist fractures, head injuries, or even prove fatal. By implementing preventative measures using our equipment, you can ensure an enhanced level of safety in spaces where falls occur most frequently.

Grab poles, a vital piece of our collection, offer steady support when transitioning patients between positions, proving instrumental in places like bathrooms or wet areas. Crash mats are strategically placed near beds or chairs to reduce injury from unexpected falls. Fall prevention alarms are quintessential, alerting staff or family members when a patient is at risk, ensuring swift intervention.

Why Fall Prevention is Essential

Understanding the high risk of falls, especially for the elderly, is crucial. Falls can lead to debilitating injuries such as hip and wrist fractures or head injuries. In some cases, these injuries can significantly impact an individual's quality of life or even prove fatal. Fall prevention devices like grab rails, safety alarms, and floor mats play a vital role in mitigating such risks for elderly people.

As the majority of falls happen around the bed, our range of falls prevention includes essential bed-related products and alarms too. Bed rails offer an extra layer of safety, while fall prevention alarms, specifically falls prevention alarms, ensure immediate alert of nursing staff, allowing for instant action.

Holistic Safety with Move Mobility Aids

While fall prevention is vital, Move Mobility’s commitment spans across a plethora of safety categories. Venture into our selection of knee and elbow protectors, over-bed tables, patient lifters, wet area solutions, pressure care items, fall prevention devices, and mobility aids. From posture support products, to mobility scooters and more, our offerings ensure every facet of safety and comfort is covered.

More Than Just Fall Prevention

Beyond our extensive fall prevention products range, Move Mobility is an all-encompassing hub for diverse safety requirements. Whether it's wheelchair accessories, lifting devices, or even incontinence aids, we have products tailored for everyone. Further explore our range to discover pain management tools, or venture into our bedding protection selection for a peaceful night’s rest. Such measures reflect our commitment to ensuring a 360-degree approach to your safety needs.

Easy Shopping with Move Mobility

For a tangible experience, our two showrooms, located in Robina on the Gold Coast and Logan Central near Brisbane, welcome South East Queensland customers to explore our range personally. However, if you prefer the digital realm, our online platform offers a seamless shopping experience. With Move Mobility, swift Australia-wide delivery ensures your fall prevention safety equipment always reaches you efficiently.

At Move Mobility, our vision is clear: to offer robust solutions that prioritize safety and comfort. With our falls prevention range, including bed rails, alarms, and more, you're not only safeguarding against fall risk and potential falls but also ensuring peace of mind. Shop with us today, and experience safety like never before.

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