Knee Rehabilitation & Hip Replacement Equipment

Revitalise your recovery journey with Move Mobility's specialised equipment for knee rehabilitation and hip replacement. Embrace a smoother path to mobility and comfort with our carefully selected products.

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As a DVA and NDIS approved provider, Move Mobility is committed to supporting your recovery with our range of knee rehabilitation and hip replacement equipment. Our selection is designed to assist patients in regaining mobility and independence post orthopaedic surgery.

Knee Rehabilitation Equipment

Knee rehabilitation requires specific tools and aids to ensure a safe and effective recovery. Our range includes:

  • Shower Chair: A stable seating solution for showering without straining the knee.
  • Walker: Provides support and balance for those regaining mobility post knee surgery.
  • Knee Scooters: An alternative to crutches, offering ease of movement without putting weight on the knee.
  • Assist Bar: Essential for support and stability in areas like bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Toilet Surround: Offers additional support and safety when using the toilet, crucial during knee recovery.

Hip Replacement Equipment

Hip replacement surgery demands equipment that caters to the unique needs of recovery. Our collection includes:

  • Shower Stool: Offers a secure and comfortable seating option in the shower, reducing strain on the hip.
  • Lift Chair: Aids in sitting and standing without exerting pressure on the hip.
  • Transit Wheelchair: Provides mobility assistance for patients during the initial recovery stages.
  • Grab Bars: Essential for added safety and support in the bathroom and other areas of the home.

Orthopedic Care Considerations

When caring for someone with orthopedic issues, it’s vital to maintain a safe environment, use appropriate aids, and provide emotional support. Regular consultation with health professionals, including physical therapists and surgeons, is crucial for tailored care and recovery plans.

Caring for Knee Issues

Recovering from knee surgery or injuries requires careful attention. It’s important to follow a physical therapist or surgeon's guidance, use knee rehabilitation equipment correctly, and be mindful of movements that could strain the knee, such as climbing stairs or prolonged standing.

Caring for Hip Replacement Patients

Post-hip replacement care involves ensuring the patient and body's environment is safe and supportive. Avoiding high-pressure activities, using mobility aids to prevent falls, and following the surgeon's recommendations are key to a successful recovery.

Move Mobility's Range for Orthopaedic Recovery

Our range extends beyond the basic needs of post-surgery care. From toilet safety frames to sock aids, we offer a variety of items to ensure comfort and safety in every aspect of daily life. Our products are designed with the patient in mind, focusing on ease of use and enhancing the quality of recovery.

At Move Mobility, you can explore our range online or visit our showrooms in Logan and Robina for a hands-on experience. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with product choices, ensuring you find the right equipment for your recovery journey. With Australia-wide delivery, we make accessing high-quality orthopaedic recovery equipment convenient and stress-free.

Move Mobility is here to support your journey back to health, offering equipment that combines functionality with comfort. Whether it’s for knee rehabilitation or hip replacement recovery, our products are designed to aid in your healing process, ensuring you can confidently return to your daily activities. Shop our range today and take the first step towards a more comfortable recovery.

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