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Stay secure and confident with Move Mobility’s unparalleled selection of wheelchair incontinence pads. Each pad is meticulously designed for those seeking dependable protection while on wheels.

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Being a renowned DVA and NDIS approved, pad provider, Move Mobility is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of wheelchair incontinence pads, designed with precision for the Australian community. Recognising the unique challenges of wheelchair users, we provide pads that offer exceptional comfort and durability.

For many facing incontinence challenges, especially while using wheelchairs, the goal is not only to find a pad that protects but also to ensure it’s comfortable, soft, and discreet. Our wheelchair incontinence pads are a culmination of quality materials and innovative design. They are crafted with a highly absorbent core that can effectively capture fluids, ensuring you feel dry and comfortable. Furthermore, their durable waterproof backing guarantees that moisture stays locked in the pad, protecting both the user and the chair.

Managing Incontinence with Move Mobility

Whether you’re looking to safeguard against occasional leaks or need more robust protection, our chair pad range is broad enough to cater to all needs. From pads suitable for car seats to those designed specifically for wheelchairs, there’s a solution for everyone. The machine washable variants in our collection are not only environmentally friendly but also easy to washable and on the pocket, promising long-lasting performance. For those moments when you require an immediate replacement, our disposable incontinence chair pads are perfect.

Managing incontinence symptoms shouldn't come at the expense of your mobility or comfort. We've ensured our stock of incontinence products serves multiple purposes. The pads protect your body not just against fluid damage but also reduce the risk of infections, ensuring impeccable hygiene. Their soft layering system also promises to reduce discomfort caused by prolonged wetness, making them ideal for both short and extended periods of use.

But the realm of Move Mobility isn’t confined to just wheelchair incontinence pads. Our product range expands to various categories, including adaptive clothing, elderly care aids, mobility aids for children and adults, rehabilitation tools, personal care and household essentials, crutches, knee scooters, and transfer benches, to name just a few. Such a vast array of products showcases our commitment to addressing the diverse needs of our customers.

If you are looking for wheelchairs, then we have a very broad range. Including folding wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, bariatric and paediatric varieties as well. We carry the best brands in the market, and have great stock availability.

How Do Wheelchair Incontinence Pads Work?

Often referred to simply as chair pads, these incontinence solutions are designed with the specific needs of wheelchair users in mind. Each chair pad also boasts a highly absorbent layer adept at locking in moisture while ensuring the user remains comfortable. The waterproof backing ensures no transmission of wetness to the chair, maintaining the health, stability and longevity of your wheelchair. Their design promotes confidence, letting users go about their day without the constant worry of potential accidents.

Difference between Wheelchair Incontinence Pads and Regular Chair Pads

At first glance, wheelchair incontinence pads and regular chair pads might seem to offer similar benefits. However, the former is specifically engineered to manage larger volumes of fluid, ensuring long-lasting protection. Their designs focus on not only capturing fluid but also maintaining a comfortable sitting experience, given that users may be in their wheelchairs for extended periods. Regular chair pads might offer some degree of protection, but they lack the advanced features and specific design elements that make wheelchair incontinence support chair pads so effective.

Exploring Move Mobility's Broader Incontinence Product Line

Beyond wheelchair incontinence pads, our range spans an impressive array of products. From wheelchair bed overlays, chair pads suitable for home furniture, to disposable pads ideal for travel – there's a solution tailored for every need. The shared aim across all these products? Providing users with reliable protection, ensuring a sense of security and preserving the health of both the user and the furniture.

The Move Mobility Shopping Experience

Choosing Move Mobility means choosing an experience of reliability, quality, and a free and swift service. If a hands-on shopping approach is more your style, our showrooms in Logan Central and Robina Town Centre in South East Queensland are ready to assist. Alternatively, our digital store presents an expansive selection, with in-depth product details to aid in your decision-making. Regardless of how you shop, our promise of free and quick delivery across Australia ensures your chosen wheelchair incontinence pads and other products reach your doorstep in no time.

Experience the exceptional quality of Move Mobility. With the purchase of our wheelchair incontinence pads, retain your independence, feel confident, safeguard your health, and embrace a life of confidence and mobility. At Move Mobility, we’re not just selling products; we’re enhancing life experiences. Join us on this journey today.

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