Bariatric Mobility Equipment

Transform your mobility experience with Move Mobility’s range of bariatric mobility equipment, designed for maximum comfort, safety, and durability.

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CARE QUIP Deluxe Bedside Bariatric Commode
500 mm Wide550 mm Wide600 mm Wide650 mm Wide
CARE QUIP Overtoilet Aid Wide
500mm Wide550mm Wide600mm Wide650mm Wide
ROHO Quad Select Adjustable Cushion
18.25x22 HP13.25x13.25 HP16.75x16.75 HP16.75x16.75 LP16.75x16.75 MP16.75x20.25 HP18.25x23.75 HP20.25x16.75 HP20.25x20.25 HP20.25x23.75 HP23.75x20.25 HP16.75x18.5 HP20.25x18.5 HP11.5x11.5 LP18.5x18.5 HP18.5x18.5 LP13.25x15 HP15x13.25 LP15x16.75 HP15x16.75 LP15x16.75 MP16.75x15 HP16.75x15 LP20.25x22 HP20.25x24 HP22x16.75 HP22x20.25 HP23.75x15 HP23.75x22 HP24x20.25 HP24x23.75 HP15x18.5 HP18.5x15 HP22x18.5 HP24x18.5 HP15x15 HP22x15 HP22x22 HP24x22 HP
KCARE Maxi Shower Stool
550 W600 mm Wide650 mm Wide

As a DVA and NDIS approved provider, Move Mobility is dedicated to providing high-quality bariatric mobility solutions. Our products are tailored to meet the unique needs of bariatric patients, combining robust construction with lightweight and comfortable designs to enhance mobility and independence.

Comprehensive Range of Bariatric Mobility Equipment

  • Bariatric Wheelchairs: Our wheelchairs feature a reinforced frame, wide seat, and high weight capacity, ensuring stability and comfort for bariatric users. Adjustable features like seat width, depth, and padded armrests cater to individual user requirements.
  • Bariatric Walkers: Designed for enhanced support, these walkers come with a wide frame and durable construction, suitable for users requiring additional stability and weight support.
  • Bariatric Toilet Aids: Safety and comfort in the bathroom are ensured with our range of toilet aids. They are constructed to support higher weight capacities and offer features like padded seats and secure frames.
  • Bariatric Lift Chairs: Our lift chairs provide assistive technology with sturdy designs and comfortable seating, enabling bariatric clients to sit and stand with ease, reducing strain on the body.
  • Bariatric Scooters: Designed specifically for bariatric clients, these scooters offer high weight capacity, wide seating, and robust wheels, ensuring safe and comfortable mobility.
  • Walking Sticks: Our range includes walking sticks that are sturdy and reliable, designed to support heavier weights, with features like adjustable height and ergonomic handles.

Caring for Bariatric Individuals

Caring for bariatric individuals requires understanding the unique challenges posed by large body weight and obesity. It involves ensuring that all mobility aids and equipment used are suited to the individual's weight and size. This includes checking weight capacities and ensuring the equipment offers adequate support and stability. Additionally, caregivers should be mindful of the physical limitations and provide assistance in daily activities safely and respectfully.

Considerations for Bariatric Care at Home

When caring for someone with bariatric needs at home, it’s crucial to consider the equipment's durability and the home environment's adaptability. Ensure that there is enough space for comfortably maneuvering bariatric equipment and consider modifications like wider doorways or reinforced furniture. Comfort and safety in daily activities, such as bathing and sitting, should be prioritized with suitable bariatric equipment.

Shopping with Move Mobility

Move Mobility offers a comprehensive shopping experience for all your bariatric mobility and wheelchair needs. Visit our showrooms in Logan and Robina for a hands-on experience or shop online with ease. Our range of bariatric mobility equipment is designed to suit various needs, ensuring comfort and functionality. With Australia-wide delivery, we bring quality and convenience right to your doorstep.

Choose Move Mobility for your bariatric mobility equipment needs and experience the difference in quality, comfort, and support. Shop our extensive range today and take a step towards enhanced mobility and independence.

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