INVACARE Rea Azalea Max


Size: 21"


The Rea Azalea Max is designed to meet the specific needs of people with extra weight. The Rea Azalea Max offers the same features as the rest of the Rea Azalea family such as tilt-in-space with weight shifting and DSS (Dual Stability System) mechanism

Stability in this wheelchair originates from body length compensation in the back and leg rests, beneficial for people with limited movement and have difficulty changing position.


Seat Width: 55-66 cm
Seat Depth: 53-60 cm
Seat Height: 40-45 cm
Legrest Angle: Adjustable
Tilt Angle: 25°
Max User Weight: 75 kg
Transport Weight: 33 kg
Crash Test Approved: ISO 7176-19
Max. Safe Slope: 7°
Total Width: Seat Width + 25 cm
Total Length: 112 cm
Total Weight Unloaded: 54 kg