ORNAMIN Thermo Plate Food Warmer

ORNAMIN Thermo Plate Food Warmer


Introducing our expertly designed Food Warmer Plate, perfect for those who prefer to savor their meals at a leisurely pace. With its thermodynamic function, this plate keeps your food warm or cool for longer periods. The red and white color scheme ensures maximum contrast, while the extra broad plate provides ample space for your culinary creations. Non-slip handles and an anti-slip ring on the base offer added grip and stability. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, this plate is a must-have for any slow eater. Please note that it is not suitable for microwave use. Replacement handles are also available for added convenience. Trust Move Mobility for all your mobility aid needs.
ARTG Number:
Australian Standards:EU1935/2004 EU10/2011 EU1282/2011

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Size: They typically come in various sizes, but a common range is 500ml to 1000ml (17oz to 34oz).
Material: They are often made from stainless steel or double-walled plastic. Stainless steel plates will generally weigh more than plastic ones.