STEALTH Tru-Comfort 2 SPP Wheelchair Cushion

The Tru-Comfort 2 SPP Wheelchair Cushion by Stealth is engineered to provide exceptional comfort and support for wheelchair users. This cushion features a contoured design and a multi-layered foam construction to promote proper posture and alignment, reducing the risk of pressure sores and discomfort during prolonged periods of sitting.

The Tru-Comfort 2 SPP cushion is equipped with high-quality foam materials that offer optimal pressure redistribution and support, ensuring enhanced comfort and stability. Additionally, the cushion comes with a durable cover to protect it from wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

With its innovative design and premium materials, the Tru-Comfort 2 SPP cushion offers reliable support and comfort for wheelchair users, helping them to maintain mobility and independence.

Construction: Hidensity Molded Foam w/ Viscoelastic Foam Top Layer
14 - 24" Wide
16 - 22" Deep
Cover: CoolCore Technology Cover
Weight Capacity: 450lbs