HOMECRAFT Shoehorn Plastic

HOMECRAFT Shoehorn Plastic

SKU: PAT-091095157

Size: 430mm long

430mm long

"Expertly Crafted Long Plastic Shoehorn by Homecraft"

Discover the ease of slipping into your footwear with the Homecraft Long Plastic Shoehorn, expertly selected by Move Mobility for its ergonomic design. At nearly half a meter, this durable aid is perfect for individuals with limited mobility, offering a seamless shoe-wearing experience without the need to bend. Crafted from lightweight plastic, it features a contoured handle with a convenient hanging loop, ensuring easy grip and storage. Not just for shoes, its versatile build aids in dressing and reaching, making it an indispensable tool for daily living. Trust in Move Mobility's commitment to enhancing your independence with this essential mobility aid.


Length: 430 mm
Weight: 37 grams
Lightweight molded plastic
'Snag free' design
Non-slip handle with hanging handle
Hanging loop for easy storage