SURE GRIP Cutlery Tablespoon Bendable Utensil

SKU: PAT-A703206

"Sure-Grip Bendable Utensils by Sammons"

Experience tailored dining comfort with the Sure-Grip Bendable Utensils from Sammons. Expertly designed with a twistable metal shaft, these utensils effortlessly bend to your preferred angle, ensuring ease for those with limited mobility. The innovative angled rocker knife glides through your meal with minimal effort, reflecting Move Mobility's commitment to providing solutions that enhance daily living. Trust in our expertise to deliver adaptive cutlery that meets your unique needs.

Move Mobility - Keeping Australia Moving


Width: 15 mm
Dishwasher safe.
Made up of stainless steel silverware.
Comfortable 1.5" wide built-up ribbed rubber handles improve grip.