AIDACARE Bed Chair Blocks

BED Chair Blocks

SKU: BEA007400

Size: 40mm High

40mm High
100mm High

Enhance your post-surgery recovery with our Plastic Bed and Chair Riser. Designed for patients facing mobility challenges, this stackable block elevates the height of your bed or chair, making standing up effortless. Available in two sizes, our expertly crafted riser ensures optimal comfort and convenience. Trust Move Mobility to provide you with the perfect solution for a seamless transition during your healing journey.

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Product Name: Bed Raiser
Description: The Bed Raiser is a durable plastic brick designed to raise beds and chairs, facilitating easier access.
Height furniture is raised per unit: 40 mm or 100 mm
Diameter of well in top: 65 mm
Depth of well in top: 15 mm
Allowable weight (set of four): 250 kg
Material: Polypropylene
Cleaning methods: Autoclavable, or use common soaps, detergents