AIDACARE Self Help Pole

AIDACARE FL250 - Self Help Pole - bed attached (sold sep)

SKU: BEB046540

Self Help Pole: Enhance bed functionality with the Self Help Pole from Move Mobility. Our expertly designed U shaped pole provides manoeuvring and raising support for individual users. With a secure attachment behind the bed head, the Self Help Pole holder allows for varied positioning. Trust Move Mobility for innovative solutions that prioritize resident safety and comfort. Sold Separately.


Material: Likely constructed from durable steel for sturdiness and support.
Dimensions: Specific dimensions are not readily available on the official Aidacare website or other online sources.
Weight capacity: Information about the weight capacity is not readily available. However, the FL250 Floorline Bed itself has a weight capacity of 250 kg (551 lbs), so the self-help pole is likely designed to support a similar weight.