COBALT Air Lift Chair Blue-DA 180


The Air Lift Chair provides the ultimate in pressure-care comfort and mobility for users. Plush cushioning throughout the seat, along with with advanced air-cell technology offers proven pressure-care relief. This makes it perfect for use in care settings where users are at risk of pressure sores, such as in aged care facilities and hospitals.

   Upholstered in high-quality four-way stretch material, which works in concert with the air-cell technology, The Air Lift Chair delivers comfort and care to users requiring extra pressure care. This material is breathable, to ensure no hot-spots build up, while also being water resistant and fire retardant. Stretch ensures that the user's weight is fully loaded in the chair.   The lift function and wooden push handles on the arm rests enhance mobility by assisting users to get out of the chair with comfort and without manual handling. The Air Lift Chair comes in either a Single Motor or Dual Motor option, with the Single Motor activating the backrest and legrest recline simultaneously, while the Dual Motor allows independent operation of these functions.   All our products are designed to be low-maintenance, reliable, and are built to last. We offer a generous manufacturer's warranty and keep stocks of all spare parts to ensure continued trouble-free use.  

Air Lift Chair - Features

  • Unique air system for pressure relief
  • Powered adjustment with remote control
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • Chair raises upward to assist user in getting up
  • Hidden castors easy transport
  • Four-way stretch polyurethane cover - spill resistant and fire retardant
  • Ergonomic push handles
  • Dual Motor chair offers near-to-flat recline (10°), perfect for napping

Air Lift Chair - Options

  • Single or dual actuator
    • Single actuator provides single movement - backrest and leg rest recline together
    • Dual actuator provides individual adjustment - backrest and leg rest can be adjusted individually, as well as near-to-flat surface when reclined

Safe working load: 180kg
Width (overall): 800 mm
Height (overall): 1100 mm
Depth (overall): 1000 mm
Width (seat area): 600 mm
Height (seat area): 500 mm
Depth (seat area): 500 mm
Single Motor seat recline: 45-105°
Dual Motor seat recline: 10-105°
Foot rest angle: 5-90°