AIRGO ComfortPlus Folding Cane

Airgo Comfort-Plus Folding Cane


Color: Charcoal


Introducing our Foldable Mobility Cane, expertly designed. This ergonomic handle cane offers 5 height settings and a flex-grip tip for stability. With a 250 lb capacity, it's perfect for everyday use. The cushion-top conforms to your hand, reducing impact shock transfer. Our cane is not only functional but also comfortable, fitting snugly in your hand. Plus, the rubber surrounds on the handle allow for leaning on walls and tables. Experience the convenience and expertise of Move Mobility with this must-have mobility aid.

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Features: Ergonomic derby handle, cushioned top conforms to your hand and helps reduce impact shock transfer, ideal for those with arthritis. Constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum, wrist strap with reflective patch for added night time safety, 5 height settings.
Material: Likely constructed from durable and easy-to-clean materials like plastic or polypropylene.
Fits most people comfortably 5’ – 6’5” (152 cm - 198 cm).
Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 kg)
Limited lifetime warranty