ALAISE Air Mattress

ALAISE Air Mattress


Size: Long Extra Wide

Long Extra Wide

Colour: Purple Cover

Purple Cover

1. High-Risk Client Mobility Solution
At Move Mobility, we understand the unique needs of high-risk clients. Our specialized mobility aids are designed with precision to ensure safety, comfort, and ease of use, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those we serve.

2. Maintenance-Free Air Mattress
Discover the convenience of our Pumpless Air Mattress, a testament to Move Mobility's dedication to hassle-free care. This innovative mattress requires no maintenance, offering a practical solution for continuous comfort and support in home or clinical settings.

3. Self-Adjusting Support System
Experience the advanced technology of Self-Adjusting Cells in our mattresses, crafted to deliver unparalleled support. Move Mobility's expertise ensures that each mattress prevents the discomfort of tipping, providing a stable and secure resting environment for users.

4. Repositioning Foam Mattress
Move Mobility's Responsive Foam Mattress is engineered to aid in effortless repositioning, enhancing user mobility. Our responsive foams adapt to movement, offering a blend of comfort and support that stands as a hallmark of our industry expertise.

5. Customizable Full-Width Air Mattress
Our Full-Width Air Mattress caters to all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any individual. Move Mobility's customer-centric approach means we provide personalized options to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring comfort without compromise.

6. Australian-Made Custom Mattresses
Proudly Australian Made, Move Mobility's custom mattresses are tailored to suit any bed brand. Our local manufacturing allows us to offer bespoke solutions, showcasing our commitment to quality and the ability to adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 1.15 m

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Single & King Single
Code Dimensions (LxWxD cm) Size
ALS1000 1980x880x185cms Single
ALSL1000 2030x880x185cms Single, Long
ALKS1000 1980x1050x185cms King Single
ALKSL1000 2030x1050x185cms King Single, Long
Code Dimensions (LxWxDmm) Size
ALEW1000 1980x1150x185 Extra-Wide
ALEWL1000 2030x1150x185 Extra-Wide Long
ALD1000 1980x1350x185 Double
ALDL1000 2030x1350x185 Double, Long
Code Dimensions (LxWxDmm) Size
ALQ1000 1980x1530x185 Queen
ALQL1000 2030x1530x185 Queen, Long
ALK1000 1980x1850x185 King
ALKL1000 2030x1850x185 King, Long