AREACARE Underlay Single


The AreaCare® Underlay is an essential addition to any alternating pressure overlay system. Designed to prevent "Bottoming Out" and maintain a low bed profile, this underlay is crafted from durable medium-density foam. It fits seamlessly under any standard-size single mattress, providing essential support in case of system failure. Constructed with high-quality fire retardant foam and a protective cotton inner liner, this underlay ensures safety. Its cover is vapour permeable, bacteriostatically treated, fire retardant, and water-resistant, with seams stitched, welded, and taped for maximum infection control. For convenience, a foot-end zipper allows easy removal and cleaning. Trust Move Mobility for expert advice and customer-centric solutions.
Height: 1960 mm
Width: 865 mm
ARTG Number: 176837
Australian Standards: BS7177, BS5852