ASPIRE Bed Cradle Height Adjustable

ASPIRE Bed Cradle Height Adjustable

SKU: BEA014610

Introducing the Aspire Bed Cradle, expertly designed by Move Mobility to provide optimal comfort and support for patients. This innovative cradle creates clearance between bed linen and the mattress, ensuring sensitive areas of the lower leg or feet are protected. The lower frame securely attaches to the bed, while the upper frame rests horizontally over the lower limbs.

With its height-adjustable feature, users can customize the space between the mattress surface and bedding. Crafted with powder-coated mild steel construction, this bed cradle guarantees durability and reliability. Elevate your patient's comfort with the Aspire Bed Cradle from Move Mobility.

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Total Height: 440-640mm
Brand: Aspire
Material: Powder-coated mild steel